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If you're worried about the impact of the 20% loss of voter support for
library funding, or if you're a school librarian and concerned about the
closure of school libraries across the country, or if your library
organization is worried about ensuring continued support for library
funding during a recession, this webinar series will help you build the
tools, skills, and strategies you need to keep your doors open and continue
serving the public.

Find out more and register here

*Introduction to Advanced Advocacy Strategies For School and Public
Libraries *In this introductory webinar, we will explore basic strategies
for building support for your school or public library. In this
foundational webinar, we'll introduce the skills and strategies that we'll
be discussing more deeply in our future webinars.

*Build Support For Your Library Before You Need It: Understanding
Surfacing *Did you know that the most critical time for building community
support for your school, public, or academic libraries are the years before
and between campaigns or threats of closures?

*Understanding Big Data and Audience Segmentation *If you're interested in
building community support, increasing library donations, improving
attendance at programs, increasing circulation and database use, as well as
drastically improving library support through the use of big data just like
large national campaigns at almost no cost, then this webinar will show you

*Digital Advocacy and Marketing Tactics for Any Library *It shouldn’t come
as a surprise that better websites, big data, strong email, and effective
social media tactics are changing the ways that large and small
organizations communicate with their communities.

*Creating Messages That Build Support For Any Library*Messaging is the last
webinar in this introductory series because effective messaging is more
than the stories and messages that we put out into our communities.
Developing an effective message relies on understanding and managing the
environment that we use them.
Find out more and register here
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