[Libs-Or] Public Library response to COVID-19 (at this moment....)

KRIST OBRIST KOBRIST at ci.monmouth.or.us
Fri Mar 13 09:35:14 PDT 2020

Good Day,

This is such a fluid, rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in.
While we want to be here and available for our patrons we need to consider
all angles of this complex global event. What are your plans regarding
programming and your open hours for a 2 week and/or 4 week period?

In light of the Governor's closing schools as of Monday it seems prudent to
cancel library programming.

What are your plans in regards to keeping your doors open?

Considerations -

   - kids out of school may equal more kids visiting the library (usually a
   good thing).
   - Often people come to the library when they're sick (and/or bring their
   sick children).
   - Vulnerable populations - eldery, immune compromised, etc. - regularly
   visit the library.
   - We have so many touch points - doors, computers, books, dvds,
   magazines, newspapers, furniture, etc.
   - Staff handles a lot of material and directly handles items patrons
   hand them.

Our City, as I am certain all other city's and governing boards, are
brainstorming and planning. This conversation may help in those planning


Oh, and as of this moment in time we have not yet 'officially' cancelled
programs, but I am fairly certain that will happen shortly. We are looking
at how we address our open hours to the public to best help slow down the
growth of this virus There has been one Officially tested positive case in
our county (Polk) which to me indicates there are many more positive cases
that have not been tested since they are not testing everyone

Thanks again...Krist

Krist Obrist, Library Director
Monmouth Public Library
168 Ecols St. S., Monmouth, OR 97361
503-751-0193 || Facebook: MonmouthPublicLibrary
kobrist at ci.monmouth.or.us
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