[Libs-Or] Help to debunk myths related to COVID-19

Marci Jenkins Marci.Jenkins at mcminnvilleoregon.gov
Mon Mar 23 14:21:52 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

Feel free to share the information below if you believe that will benefit your Hispanic patrons. Despite the fact people are somewhat informed how to prevent the virus, information in Spanish is still very scarce. Myths on how to "cure" and "how to be immune" to the virus are circulating on social media and word of mouth and endangering people's health. Just to give you an example, one of my patrons, was "teaching"  the clients of the convenience store where she works, to gargle hand sanitizer with water in order to "kill" the virus.

I also urge all professionals that serve the Hispanic Community to encourage products and services businesses and public institutions in your city to post information in Spanish about resources, closures and benefits extended to their residents during this difficult time so we can all benefit together.

Access to Facebook post:

Access to Information text:


Marci Ramiro-Jenkins
"Listening to justified anger from the oppressed even when it triggers fragility in yourself.
Is just as important as the vote you cast. Sit with that discomfort. It's growth"- Red Horn Woman

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