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Courtney Koch courtneyk at multco.us
Fri Nov 20 11:35:24 PST 2020

    I am looking for suggestions on scheduling software. I help schedule a
team of about 30, each day 10-20 staff work. Currently we have staff enter
requests onto a Google Calendar and then we populate a Google Sheet with
the vacation, training, etc, and specific tasks they do each day. We build
the daily schedule off a template, so are not recreating everything each
week. I like that you can easily see at a glance who is doing what each
hour, but am hoping to find something that can automate more of the process.
     We have looked at products such as ClickUp, Sling, Shift by Microsoft
Teams, When I Work, and Skedda. However, these all tend to schedule an
entire shift and we are looking for something that can schedule tasks by
the hours, such as reference desk, bookdrop, shelving, as well as input the
data from Google Calendar.
     Does a magical product like this exist?! If you have any
scheduling software you enjoy I'd love to hear what you use.
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