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Below is information from the recent Oregon Library Association's Hotline newsletter about the wildfires' impact on Oregon libraries. I am also providing information about an opportunity to support the Blue River community's efforts to rebuild their Frances O'Brien Memorial Library.

The Eugene Public Library Foundation is hosting a trivia night event on October 24, 2020 where all proceeds will go to Blue River's library. Details about the event can be found at https://eplfoundation.org/events/the-bookish-brain-trivia-night/

You may also donate<https://app.etapestry.com/cart/EugenePublicLibraryFoundati/default/category.php?ref=823.0.342806559> directly without participating in the event.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the community can start directly receiving donated books and materials. I will continue to pass along information about opportunities to support the community's rebuilding efforts as we learn more about their specific needs.



OLA Hotline - October 1, 2020

Oregon Wildfires and Libraries Update

OLA has been collecting information from Oregon libraries impacted by the recent wildfires across the state.

The small volunteer library in Blue River<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/12> was destroyed in the Holiday Farm Fire. We will keep the Oregon library community informed as we hear of opportunities to support this community as it seeks to rebuild its library.

In southern Oregon, we heard from Kari May, library director at the Jackson County Library District. Their branch libraries in Phoenix, Talent, Butte Falls, Eagle Point, and Shady Grove were in impacted areas but did not sustain damage. Most of the libraries have reopened and are busy assisting their communities as they as begin to recover.

Kari also reports, "Three staff members at Jackson County Library Services are among the 2400 families who lost their homes in the Almeda Fire. Our hearts are with everyone in our community who lost their homes and businesses. Our communities have a long road ahead of us, and our libraries will be actively involved in helping people find the tools they need to rebuild their lives. The individuals on our staff who lost their homes have established Gofundme accounts for people who wish to support them."

Each of the staff members who have lost their homes have created a GoFundMe page:

  *   Betsy Schiller https://gf.me/u/yy2fwf<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/13>
  *   Mike White https://gf.me/u/yzcnm3<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/14>
  *   Nicole Vukcevic https://gf.me/u/yxxzq5<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/15>

Kari also recommends the following organizations in the impacted areas if you would like to support community recovery.

  *   Phoenix Talent School District Fire Relief Fund https://www.phoenix.k12.or.us/<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/16> (approximately 40% of the students have lost their homes)
  *   United Way of Jackson County http://www.unitedwayofjacksoncounty.org/<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/17>

If you know of specific needs of impacted libraries or library workers, please share that information with OLA. We will continue to keep the Oregon library community informed about opportunities to support our colleagues. Contact Arlene Weible, OLA Vice-President, olavp at olaweb.org<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/9afbb5c5-750e-455e-9fa4-41d9717be7d3/18>

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