[Libs-Or] Indigenous people's day reminder

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Thank you Max!
Despite the fact I wasn't born in USA, I come from another genocidal and stolen land, the blood of my native Tupi Amazonian native acentors run in my veins and I am very proud of my heritage. On our calendars today, we should be able to read Indigenous People's Day and NOT Columbus Day.
Before Christopher Columbus and other European explores murdered, violated our people and took our land, every single day was our day.

https://youtu.be/Kk8KAKh51BQ (Beautiful music video made by a student that displays my ethnic group in Brazil and other indigenous people around the world)

Thanks for this!

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This is an Indigenous people's day reminder.

If you live in the US, you live in a country that is unrepentantly genocidal and is located on stolen land.



#LandTheft #Genocide





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