[Libs-Or] Tech-Talk: MOBILE – 25 Ways to Use your Smartphone Camera (Other Than Taking a Selfie)

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Use your camera for more than pictures


 This Week's Topic: MOBILE

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... 25 Ways to Use your Smartphone Camera (Other Than Taking a Selfie)
2. COMMUNICATING ... Interviewing - Unexpected Power Phrases
3. LEADERSHIP ... Creating Visions at the Project Level
4. WEBINARS ... Oral Histories for Libraries<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMajP-_mgbgdHvE3XIjCUV16J4snw08Jy1EVTfjHFCcNTx9i1GqyKMrLq1jvLjvsZ3jpNOCaK_dj5IboQs6h0yXQatpSflwSmxtx65_44x2zW&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> (10/21); Fillable Forms (Word &Google) <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMfXPnLbW9CIDZ-HSs4Sj7eEwY0SM5568SaMtbMsRC-Azja1RsbsNeWvPCCiCFJUpwrMrN5qoexsdGOv3V-q2I5w7h8_tyBjAseNlgZls2J4RQspUWzneM7mhWRM68rSNbiLv4XFXxabnU80U9LYXUJg=&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> (11/4); New Pedagogy for Online Learning (11/18).<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMfXPnLbW9CIDACxnOvCDaux7kwjlKyLfRMWPa3JrInnMV09TzGz123bEpeVO7ZSF31yb8TwOQkDH0hG7NvcdKaBsk60eMi0UflBypY45rcF0PhyM2lNz_lXbM_Mv7H70Aasueiaohh__ZG4L-xla08Q=&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>

[smart phone]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcWKBBir8fdu03ti9Zf2fFDI1iox2hK7ptjkyzUdiI9DeDf838MfAL_rg-WWnFiZ9Dv224Zu1pGuby-VQsWQNbXdakJN-MB0to7I5iRQHN6zA27mTHZ_JlzM1osnGZZBPwBM3MFzOPeofZJNqDY5RlBEtYE7F7qM2qzOb3t3v6gFo1baJpLYEzwg==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>

Photo by Laura Chouette<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZc6pyVIIDuiAcq81cROVV8KOxEhkmuRbAhaVJAu2JbRKkrSwQ9-Q0QRPlwxlvocD6xxrlUxEQfjMVdovNh7gy_qTsXOxLY9SbR7C8TAgj_xovBxYqiG-V5ukws0zKziQs9c6l5co_GCaqRGsOhb14yvF-WTeLErsfm8JPlKRCw3N8BvLG87KAUMGZS2KBBs2fKDqUyNmHzfzo=&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZc71Akwyyd66pbOxqHVQa6fb7ERewQrFEHgaVQVQC-qNY8BM1SS8yr0XBkv_7Gd4au4-9pH5Hnj_NmC9ruQIMBmRJeJE8EB7b1tpqO_A8yBsoMozTAgT8_12KlRWqeHmPDgkC3lvwLkagzuWnZG_Ld97MVL8jTCfJOT5gxscaUNj6GGZ90yoKcIDkoA9ptTjuxTcYkEox2HVswSYyVcaVUqQ==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>

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MOBILE - 25 Ways to Use your Smartphone Camera (Other Than Taking a Selfie)

Smartphones are so, well… smart and we're using them in more creative ways -- especially the camera. Snapping a picture of something for reference (to remember something) is as common as taking a picture to print or post.

What does your photo library look like? About what percentage of your images were taken as pictures vs for another reason?

Here's a challenge for you. Look at the images on your smartphone and see how many of them were actually taken as a traditional "picture." You know, an image that you would print out or post… as opposed to something that you snapped for reference (probably thinking you would delete it later).

We were curious about how people are using their smartphone cameras in creative ways, so we polled readers, colleagues, friends, etc… and asked them to share their uses and ideas.

Read on for inventive ways to use your smartphone's camera -- other than for pictures.

[smart phone uses]

Here's an example of images in my phone that are not traditional pictures.

Technology Uses

[router cords]

1. When unplugging and moving a computer, router or audio/video components, first, snap a picture of how the cords are plugged in before taking it apart. This gives you a diagram for putting them back together -- especially when you're working in a dark corner or behind a desk or cabinet.

2. Keep a photo of your home's wireless network and password to text to visitors.

3. Send a picture of computer errors that you see on your screen ... to your IT person.

[computer errors]

Documentation Ideas

[white board]

4. At the end of a meeting, take a picture of notes on a white/chalkboard or flip chart to transcribe for reference later.

5. Your vehicle's license plate. This is quite handy when you check into a hotel and you can't remember your plate number.

6. The items in your wallet. Snap a pic of your credit cards, driver's license, etc. so that if it is lost, you have the details.

7. Create digital documents of papers that you want to save as an online file. For example, I received a document in the mail that my daughter needed. She lives in another state so I took a picture of it and texted it to her.

8. Take a picture of a package or product that you are returning for proof. For example, I sent in an older iPhone for a credit. I took pictures of the front and back before sending. When received, I was told there was a crack in the screen (even though there was not). When I emailed the picture of the phone I received the full credit because of this proof.

Travel / Outings

[parking garage sign]

9. Have trouble remembering where you parked? Take a picture of the airport or garage parking lot sign so that you can quickly find your vehicle when you return.

10. Snap a pic of luggage for proof if lost.

11. When renting a vehicle, document the starting fuel level, the license plate and any current damage for the record before rolling out of the rental lot.

12. A picture of travel documents (reservation confirmations, flight schedule) creates a great backup if needed.

13. Snap a picture of your kids when you are heading out to a crowded amusement park, mall, sporting event, etc. If anyone gets separated, the photo will help you accurately describe their hair, what they are wearing, etc.

14. In case of a minor fender bender, use the camera to document the damage, and take pictures of the other driver's insurance card and driver's license.

Things You Like That You Want to Remember


15. Discover a great bottle of wine at a restaurant or bar? Take a picture of the label so that you can purchase it later.

16. Don't tear out an article or recipe you read in a magazine while in a waiting room (that's rude!). Just take a picture of it.

17. Find an item when shopping you want to remember for a gift idea? Or doing some comparison shopping? Take a pic. For example, when trying to decide on a new light fixture, I snapped pictures of several in different stores so that I could show my spouse and remember where each were located.

18. Take a picture of a business card if they don't have an extra one to give you.

19. If you use a dry erase or chalkboard in the kitchen to keep a shopping list... instead of transcribing it to a paper list, just snap a photo before heading out to go shopping.

20. Take a screenshot of an ad for a product you may actually want to buy later that you see in social media or on a website.

21. Take a picture of someone's haircut that you like to send to your hairdresser.

Other Ideas

[use phone as a mirror]

22. Use your camera as a mirror to check your appearance, or put on lipstick.

23. When something is too small to read on a paper or bottle, take a picture and use the Zoom feature to enlarge it to read.

24. When shopping and you need advice on a product to purchase, text a picture to your "expert" for advice.

25. Send a picture of a medical issue for a person (or pet) to your physician (or veterinarian).

What other ideas do you have? Please share with our readers.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcWKBBir8fdu03ti9Zf2fFDI1iox2hK7ptjkyzUdiI9DeDf838MfAL_rg-WWnFiZ9Dv224Zu1pGuby-VQsWQNbXdakJN-MB0to7I5iRQHN6zA27mTHZ_JlzM1osnGZZBPwBM3MFzOPeofZJNqDY5RlBEtYE7F7qM2qzOb3t3v6gFo1baJpLYEzwg==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>


Communications: Interviewing
Unexpected power phrases

Whether you're being interviewed for a job ... or doing the questioning for hiring ... there are a few unexpected phrases that can give you real insight.

Here are three sets of power words that will hold you in good stead, no matter what the circumstance. We'll show you how you can apply these in a job-hunting situation. (Click on each link to get to the article with more details on the technique itself.)

Example Situation: You are applying for a side hustle<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMWpQJrzVWdnT96WyzC1ySSjGK_vUXpEioErly6p6gLcJmz9oz4axifhhruPJXQ88IQ2WaWJiZ70naOHcyDrKI3ATxcBJe73ptmP0nwzeqefJ&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> with Tech-Talk.

"Tell Me About That"<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMV1c-UQ8-JLbuEl3-4ZPLAzc_nQ6KGiI497VdgzprzpnYH7kabG1fPYvv-mV_gqztljen_mh9eDPQTWcj6-_-_GmKaS9lHzh50OwqsPpdJ89o6T3K8c99x9NS5ZA9E1dXDV7KZw3xDKo&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMV1c-UQ8-JLbuEl3-4ZPLAzc_nQ6KGiI497VdgzprzpnYH7kabG1fPYvv-mV_gqztljen_mh9eDPQTWcj6-_-_GmKaS9lHzh50OwqsPpdJ89o6T3K8c99x9NS5ZA9E1dXDV7KZw3xDKo&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> When the interviewer mentions a program, project or an aspect of the position, you can show sincere interest and listening skills by using this phrase.

·     In response to something like, "We're very accommodating with whatever our prospective library clients want." ... You say, "Tell me about that." (Rather than assume you know what is meant by this, it shows that you're hearing and want to know more.)

·     Suppose I say, "When you call, you're actually offering a gift first." Your comment is, "Tell me about that." (This way you don't have to say, "I don't understand what you mean by a gift.")

"What is one thing..."<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMV1c-UQ8-JLbuEl3-4ZPLAzc_nQ6KGiI497VdgzprzpnYH7kabG1fPYvv-mV_gqztljen_mh9eDPQTWcj6-_-_GmKaS9lHzh50OwqsPpdJ89o6T3K8c99x9NS5ZA9E1dXDV7KZw3xDKo&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> Now it's time for you to explore the position for which you are interviewing. (Employers love well thought out questions. Use this phrase to get the skinny on what's important.)

·     "What is one thing that makes this role so valuable to the organization?"

·     "What is one thing that I could do to exceed your expectations in this role?"

"Are You Open to...". <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcLN_pZuP99o4GKKHmGBy8SKYL9aXzx5vvnN7XKNg-KZJ7G3igPgankQfc3Yq6-Ma5J9LxWOloxPfQsQvtFSc3qamfn7EE8FlEs8fwvS2lUMoU3vw3X8gId9YxcT88raGSuLk9esYVscj4dcjl3O7Xpw==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> You can show initiative<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcLN_pZuP99o4GKKHmGBy8SKYL9aXzx5vvnN7XKNg-KZJ7G3igPgankQfc3Yq6-Ma5J9LxWOloxPfQsQvtFSc3qamfn7EE8FlEs8fwvS2lUMoU3vw3X8gId9YxcT88raGSuLk9esYVscj4dcjl3O7Xpw==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==> ... and share what interests you about the job, by using this phrase.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcLN_pZuP99o4GKKHmGBy8SKYL9aXzx5vvnN7XKNg-KZJ7G3igPgankQfc3Yq6-Ma5J9LxWOloxPfQsQvtFSc3qamfn7EE8FlEs8fwvS2lUMoU3vw3X8gId9YxcT88raGSuLk9esYVscj4dcjl3O7Xpw==&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>

·     Are you open to hearing ideas I may have for improving processes?

·     Are you open to giving me early feedback on what I'm doing so I can use that information to make the job even better?

TIP: Go to the Tech-Talk database. In the navigation bar at the top, click on SEARCH. Then choose Communication: Power Words<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMberxxwyWsZcGAGlsavyb4qeUBbjGtIleKXkNMUZ9ABFowFNojKA-Dxljgs9ru6UQa_Dyk_VZGuTL-aMan1Ovrm8YlkrDZB5ZGB0nJH9gXZE_QaOh3fMGSc8YadW0CEqO67yR1qef8o-&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>. You'll get a whole series of helpful power words and phrases.


Creating visions at the project level

As an egalitarian manager, you can create or re-look at a vision at the team level. Or you can interpret the organization's vision for your department.

This effort doesn't have to be rocket science or a major time investment. It just needs to be a good collaborative effort. It's the brainstorming and processing that brings people together.

Investing in listening ... and facilitating open conversation on what your team aspires to ... can be transformational. And, it's not a one-time exercise! Visions need re-energizing, re-processing, re-engaging on a regular basis.

Ask Yourself…

1. Does the organization or team have a vision that we all understand, embrace and can remember?

2. When was the last time we revisited our vision?

3. If I asked any one of our team members what our vision is, would I be pleased with the answer?


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qZEM3O0dtX8lH6tmrJaQjHoIfnHaFtMCIUA63LJCL4be_vuQdCLMbNd-rx3kMqcmWCSzG1Obso-tCW3vsO274je5IDt2GsTbwoe2Rd6rwgxyro5Q9Ed6TeKwjs0VcQJ8kQWv4ZakLaATitUtthnB9NVX1HSo9oPeuW4TZyEyWU=&c=KIGzOQDuoBbkHbPoEXS6qR9b5t_VzUxWRezFvTRAHt39yMHUvuNpbQ==&ch=QkdDgww__tNJmrNBDodWZrGJGhwlqqs1F-eE01g8qUzFcL98N_0TZA==>

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