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I haven’t had a chance to read the most recent OLA Quarterly but plan to do so this weekend — looking forward to this article!

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Thank you Marci!

Max Macias
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I apologize for not providing the link to A Matriarch With Many Sides: Contextualizing Oregon’s First State Librarian by Courtney “Cam” Amabile


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Dear colleagues,

I would like to congratulate Cam Amabile for the excellent contextual piece on librarian Cornelia Marvin Pierce, the richness of the content and the delivery of the information was fantastic!

Reading this article I was able to capture additional information on Mrs. Pierce’s beliefs as a human being, and in my opinion, they are horrifying to say the least. Her support of eugenics, and her association with racist movements, prevail over any good intensions in the form of financial or legislative support delivered by her.

Librarians are known for their egalitarian principles and it is shocking to me that one of the least egalitarian people within our profession, continuous to be regarded with a plaque at the State Library of Oregon. I believe that honor should be given to another State Librarian, perhaps, someone that can embody our profession in an unbiased and anti-racist manner.

We cannot keep justifying people like Cornelia Marvin Pierce. Historically, we all know people of color have been incarcerated, lynched and murdered for alleged or minor nonconformities with white society. Many of them had a history of good deeds that weren’t be taken into consideration and almost none of them have a plaque with their name celebrating these good deeds and pushing their “wrongdoings” under the rug.

I might be alone in this observation, but I can’t suppress my opinion on a subject that means so much to me on a personal and professional matter such as this one.


Marci Ramiro-Jenkins

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This message originated outside of the City of McMinnville.

Jennifer Patterson is the Director of the State Library of Oregon (State Librarian). Please download and read her introduction to the State Library of Oregon issue of the OLA Quarterly here: http://journals3.library.oregonstate.edu/olaq/article/view/vol26_iss2_2

From Jennifer’s article: “My hope is that the articles in this issue not only provide a glimpse into some of the interesting resources and services available through the State Library but also provide ideas and strategies that can be adapted and applied to other library environments. One of the State Library’s primary roles is to support the Oregon library community, and we welcome you to contact us to discuss any of the topics in this issue or any other library-related topics."

Jennifer has over twenty years of library experience working in public, academic, and special libraries in California, Colorado, and Washington State before joining the State Library of Oregon in 2019. She has a houseful of pets and enjoys hiking and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family. You can reach her at jennifer.l.patterson at state.or.us<mailto:jennifer.l.patterson at state.or.us>

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Quarterly Coordinator

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