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Joel Henderson is the Administrative Program Coordinator of the Talking
Book and Braille Library, at the State Library of Oregon. Please download
and read his latest article, “Operation Alexandria Gutenberg: How the
Talking Book and Braille Library Transitioned to Customized Cartridges,”

>From Joel’s article, “We have all been there: you have something new and
exciting you want to try, you have received approval, and now you have a
plan. And it is such a nice plan. A logical, achievable, well-informed and
well-crafted plan, like the kind you would see framed in a plan museum

It’s just too bad that plan will never see the light of day.

For a variety of reasons, no plan survives contact. It could be some small
oversight that unravels the plan, or it could be, as in our case, a
pandemic. But good planning is all about being flexible enough to reinvent
your plan to work around obstacles instead of crashing straight into them.”

Joel Henderson is a graduate of Willamette University, and is proud to hold
the title of least well-read English major of all time. He has worked at
the State Library for 13 years, and is currently responsible for
coordinating Talking Book and Braille Library volunteers, as well as
creating and uploading local-interest audiobooks to the NLS Braille and
Audio Reading Download (BARD) platform. He lives in Salem, Oregon, with his
wife, three children, and six chickens. Each morning he commutes to work on
a moped, in his free time he plays Pokémon Go a lot, and lately he has
gotten into lathing.

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Quarterly Coordinator
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