[Libs-Or] OLA Statement in Response to Executive Order 13950

Marci Jenkins Marci.Jenkins at mcminnvilleoregon.gov
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Dear colleagues,

I am so thankful for the powerful statements ALA, OLA, Oregon State Library and other groups connected to our profession have released in response to Executive Order 13950.  As the chair of the OLA EDI Anti-Racism Special Committee, I have been receiving feedback from many colleagues displaying their excitement and gratitude for these statements.

The color blindness narrative from this Executive Order does not make BIPOC feel embraced, does not protect BIPOC from persecution, and does not stop oppression from happening at our workplace.

Preventing professionals from acquiring knowledge is a disservice to our society and a desperate measure to perpetuate structural and institutional racism.

Thank you ALA, OLA, Oregon State Library and all other groups within our profession for professing your opposition to this Executive Order.


Marci Ramiro-Jenkins

“Listening to justified anger from the oppressed even when it triggers fragility in yourself.
Is just as important as the vote you cast. Sit with that discomfort. It’s growth”- Red Horn Woman

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Hello OLA members,
On behalf of the Library Development and Legislative Committee (LDLC), I’m pleased to share with you OLA’s Statement in Response to Executive Order 13950.

Note that we echo the American Library Association's (ALA) statement on the same order, which they released yesterday, October 29. You can find their statement here:

The bulk of OLA’s statement was crafted by our illustrious President, Kate Lasky. LDLC members provided feedback and wordsmithing suggestions, but truly Kate deserves the credit for so effectively conveying OLA’s unwavering commitment to antiracism and EDI. She’s especially grateful to OLA’s EDI Task Force<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message2/link/c8c02bce-fced-466d-9c6b-ccc82b2c9833/2> for their own work, as it most definitely provided much of the basis for our response.

Kate and I welcome any and all feedback, and heartily encourage on-going dialogue and challenging conversations among members.

Thank you for being a member of OLA!

Sue Ludington
Library Development & Legislative Committee, Chair 2020-2021
Oregon Library Association
ldlcchair at olaweb.org<mailto:ldlcchair at olaweb.org>

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