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The trick to linking images in our email


This Week's Topic: EMAIL

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Add Clickable Images to Your Email Message
2. COMMUNICATING ... Count the words in your sentences
3. LEADERSHIP ... How many hats do you wear?

·     Apr 14: PowerPoint (G-Slides): Getting Started with Simple Basics
·     Apr 28: Discover Windows 10's Paint and Paint 3D Graphic Tools
·     May 12: Create a Video from Your PowerPoint Presentation
·     May 26: How to Create Charts to Display Data in Excel & G-Sheets

Register for Webinars<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yLyzogAz-DREM1U48Ls8AHwySrA69XUcG-MlEgxCxe7HQCi3f1CtWUYdswl0nbuL6JRlvCh9TBOO_hCJqFIAjYkXx6NA83d_4rEJK8L7iLBq&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>

[link images]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yHEtxM4-hq4XeyoTF1yJtHW7t6gK93BoliqocLMKF2kwfq8dVvyJK3Mi6aF7vERJ_HoaHZQnmPnRr4ZPthwjguO5w9hFA0McyasCPajAkB6cPB7D5Tc4WzhS3DXglwmHZXOGw9-ANvO8iIxhvyH_uQ2EYU01vbppXw==&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>

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EMAIL – Add Clickable Images to Your Email Message

[link in email]

Have you ever added an image to the text of your email and wanted people to be able to click on it to go to a website page?

For example, I was sending a "Welcome" email to a new Tech-Talk subscriber with a link to a video. In Gmail (or Google Apps), I inserted a picture of the video and logically thought that I could click on the "Insert link" option so that when someone clicks on the picture, they go to the linked website page (just as you add a link to text in the email).

However, it didn't do that! Bummer.

It should be possible. And it should be simple ... and it is, but there's a secret to doing it correctly. It's not the regular way we think of adding links.

Why would you want to add clickable images to your emails? There are a number of reasons. Here are a few:

·     In your signature line – an organization logo that links to your home page.
·     In an email with an image you want to link to social media accounts.
·     When your image provides a call-to-action and you want them to click on it.

Let's take a look at adding a hyperlink to an image in your emails -- in both Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail / Google Apps – Link an Image

Whether you use Gmail (free) or Google Apps (paid), these steps are the same.

IMPORTANT: In this process, there's a key concept to engrain in your brain ... about how you highlight the image that you want to link.

In your Gmail email text area:

·     Click the image icon in the bottom options bar of the email note and insert your picture. (Or, you can copy and paste it into the email.)

·     Here's the important part: Instead of clicking on the image, drag your mouse (right to left) over the image to highlight it. (Not left to right.) It will have a blue color overlay. See the examples below:

WRONG WAY: When you click on it to highlight, it looks like this:

[wrong way]

CORRECT WAY: When you drag your mouse over it, it looks like this:

[drag mouse over image]

·     Next, click the Hyperlink icon in the bottom tool tray. It will look like nothing has happened, but it has.

·     Click on top of the image to highlight it and you'll see a "Go to" link. This is actually the URL for the image.

[highlighted link]

·     Now, click the Change button and paste in your URL to replace the current one. Then click OK.


To test it, highlight the image again to make sure that the "Go to link" has the correct hyperlink.

Outlook: Link an Image

In Outlook, the process is much more intuitive. You add a link to an image in the same way you add a link to text. With your email open, in the text area:

1.  Either go to Insert, then Picture and add your image, or copy and paste it into the text area. Click to highlight the image.
2.  Go to the Insert tab again.
3.  Click on the Link icon and choose Insert Link.
4.  In the Insert Hyperlink box, on the left select Existing File or Web Page.
5.  In the Address bar at the bottom paste your URL in the box and click OK.

[Outlook steps]

To make sure the image is linked to your URL, mouse over the image and it will be displayed.



Communicating: Writing
What's your average word count?
Here's a question for you: "What is your average?"

By that I mean, if you counted the number of words in each sentence (for example one email or one paragraph of a report), and calculated the average, what would that number be?

As you can see above, my first sentence is 9 words. My second is 33 words. So the average so far is 21 words.

Oh dear, that's too high!

If you want to get your message across, have it fully read and understood, you should aim for an average of 17.

That goal keeps you from writing really long sentences. (Break them up into two or three.) And it makes your text more interesting because you need to use some great tricks like writing one or three-word sentences. (See Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yHEtxM4-hq4X45U_iIK_d0icq-EOSGNt3xo8Jm6GkYVf1UsXh7TZwwsTJtqbpl9TI2IoY7r9kxsGt8JJENO5D9tOkbjpeBKGJNvv_yXwjo92U34uPO3xLxzi2ugldDwwZQ==&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>)

And don't forget ... never use the same word in two contiguous (touching) sentences.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yHEtxM4-hq4XynOAIIxa9paVcJuhr2gAoJj8bbDv0ZRrLtWhvSKZPp4oirsslYlwZS-i_KsUEifA_F801viwz9KPBc6bsQPfPg1ACDJDT5WWIhNO6A5ZZ6X5XG--MzPuP3PwBy-IP6RAf61QKyV4b1OzIVLAHMxahN0bx4bgItFe&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>

So, what's your writing average? Count a few sentences and see how you stack up.


How many hats do you wear?
(Job Description Series, Part 1)

At work, one of the neglected aspects of a job typically is defining what your role is, right?

At first, it may seem straightforward. Then it often gets more complex. Before you know it, you're wearing a bunch of different hats. That's when it becomes challenging because you may not be sure which is more important and deserves to be put at the top of the list. Then, sometimes, the list gets so long, you may feel as if you can't keep up.

Whether you're a team leader or an individual contributor, defining the roles you're playing now (the hats you're wearing) can go a long way to helping everyone get more done, be more successful and have greater peace of mind.

It also strengthens leadership.

So, for this first part of our Job Description series, we need to list all the things you do ... in your various roles, with the different hats you wear.

Here's your assignment:

Make a list of 20 "things you do" ... large and small (include all your hats)
Here's a worksheet for you!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yHEtxM4-hq4Xbwohq8BLNa3NZJILOAZY8GOf2NzratrRB0-3bta0bCU1SHTQyeKtCbTAfaf4wYwo4Rbe8NNTptnst94Tx93KnOuFCNiFovuKqpO9xtVlUdeFDF9OzkDn-UBljDa-uBa2OR8CbXsVniSrmQoLaIZ0ZrS0pzSCNQvMJjGxxH0S_w3y1p3Czyzji-BezEwFiM0ZyyktW3A5XF88UxVTIuEgisu3avLe67DIGZ1YgNvY5RI=&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>

Try it, it will be fun. We'll use this list in the next few articles on this series.

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LlV693jHNXVi1URzPuQJzV3UPML1ejIr_C2PNCDmzw5kgkc_aP50yFQ1j9NUEBO9k0dtUZ48r6_BQ4hkhTQYLFCf8bEasxOHN7V-jcSVH_5zCJEcPxIr3KmBWrzBD3CuibOfvP5Dwfa279YV5M6y2MtfL31o2H8JyoHX3YV3L14=&c=2jE1c2dmgFQkQwnMuHknCwF121RTX-PAsLvDmO4Eoo78pqgdhWjl_A==&ch=eDcBNepmbHVHxGWpIJdR01zzCWUHw-N2NlhkCCALmDMx9F2sYSs4BQ==>

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