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Civics for Adults Update, May 1, 2021


Upcoming Workshops [Civic/political info below workshops]

*Need to check a registration info? See
<http://www.civicthinker.info/schedule> www.civicthinker.info/schedule 


The Constitution: Fulfilling Democracy's Promise? Democracy, the
Constitution and Representation in Congress.

We'll look at the Constitution's creation, trace major changes to its
interpretation, and examine its structural limitations. "The workshop was
very good.  Donna's presentation was flawless, and informative."

Thurs. May 6. 6:30-8:00. Sponsored by Harney County Library. 

Registration:  <https://www.harneycountylibrary.org/constitution.html>

Thurs. May 27. 7-8:30. Sponsored by Silver Falls Library. 

Registration TBA.


Citizen Activism 101 - Making Change Happen

Learn about types of advocacy and strategies for change. Brief historical
perspective; Examples of successful advocacy-local-national; Choosing your
battles; Who makes the rules? Getting heard; tools for change; "Tracking"
state and federal legislation.  "Excellent. Thanks!"

Thurs. June 3. 6:00-7:30. Sponsored by League of Women Voters-Umpqua Valley.
Registration TBA.


Misinformation, Fake News and Political Propaganda

Not scheduled right now. Talk with your local library or community


Elections and Campaign Finance

Not scheduled right now. Talk with your local library or community


Facebook posts:

Quite a thorough article from OPB on the measures related to police
accountability which have now passed the House. On to the Senate.


A grassroots-developed resource to help the victims of campus sexual assault
and to change the rules around how such assaults are handled by schools...
"Founded in 2013, Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led project of
Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating
violence in their schools. We envision a world in which all students can
pursue their civil right to educations free from violence and harassment.
<https://www.knowyourix.org/> https://www.knowyourix.org/ "


In my Oregon Library Association workshop last week we talked briefly about
how serving on voluntary boards, commissions and advisory groups can provide
a voice in your community. Most communities have a variety of opportunities.

I used the example of La Pine, Oregon, population 2,000, which has three
such boards that "provide the City Council with recommendations for decision
making". It's often the closest you can be to making laws short of being an
elected official, as elected officials rely on such groups for advice! 

Portland has a call out right now for folks to serve on two committees. 


Here is an article on the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap. It's an
effort to provide guidance on Civics and History education. Glad to see
History being included with Civics.


Last week at the Oregon Library Association Conference I spent an hour
telling 175 librarians that public libraries are the key to our democracy -
that they need to be centers for lifelong civic education. 

Civic literacy among the population is depressingly poor [only half know
that there are three branches to the federal government and only a third can
pass a Citizenship test]. And many are disengaged from the political

Libraries must provide the knowledge citizens need to participate and by
imparting that knowledge people also will be more motivated to engage - too
much of how to make one's civic/political voice heard is a mystery to many.
It doesn't have to be that way. [The Citizen Activism 101 workshop tells


This is a good explanation of Oregon's tax system and how it is
"upside-down", benefitting those at the top most.


45-minute primer on the filibuster from Brookings Institute.


More at  <https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036>


Want to see more? Ask your local library or community group to sponsor a
workshop! Thanks. 

Flyer describing workshops:

Donna was interviewed on OPB's Think Out Loud in October!



Donna L Cohen, MLIS, MEd

Portland, Oregon


dcohen at hevanet.com <mailto:dcohen at hevanet.com> 

Civics for Adults - and Others - Workshops: To Enhance Civic Knowledge and
Inspire Political Engagement

Webpage www.civicthinker.info <http://www.civicthinker.info>  

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036/

"My philosophy is very simple. When you see something that is not fair, not
right, not just - stand up, say something, speak up!" Rep. John Lewis



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