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If you are a paid staff member of a rural library with an annual budget of less than $150,000 and a service population of less than 7,500:  check out this grant opportunity!   


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From: Margo Gustina <research at rurallibraries.org>
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 11:49 AM
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Subject: Call for Applicants! New logo! All our thanks!


Call for Applicants!
Want the tools to understand how social wellbeing happens in your community? Want guidance on translating that understanding into impactful library service?


The Rural Libraries and Social Wellbeing project is seeking applicants for the Tools in Action micro-grant program.

What happens:
Tools in Action participants work through five weeks of social wellbeing resources with a personal rural librarian guide;
After the five weeks they complete two monthly reflections and one Zoom interview.
The rural library staff person receives $500 to support their work over the program period.
The public library where the participant works receives $500 as seed money to be used to extend library service according to the staff person’s wishes.
When does this happen:
Applications are due February 13, 2021 and notifications will be received by February 15, 2021. 
Participants will work through resources February 22 - March 29 with meetings with their guide throughout.
Participants receive their honorarium during the first week of March and libraries receive their seed money during the last week of March.
Participants submit written reflections about their work in April and May, 2021.
Participants give a one-hour individual interview via Zoom in June, 2021.
Who can apply:
Paid employee of a public library with a budget less than $150,000 and service population less than 7,500, who is
Able to personally receive an honorarium of $500 for time spent learning to use the resources, meeting with personal guide, and answering written and video recorded questions;
Able to work with your public library trustees for the library to receive and spend $500 on social wellbeing related activities;
A person who wants to make real long-lasting wellbeing improvements throughout the community through library service.

For more information, email Margo at research at rurallibraries.org. To apply, visit https://forms.gle/zptCqgdXKeMkr9du9. Please share widely.
Thank you!
     We close out this year of collaboration with gratitude to the volunteers making Rural Libraries & Social Wellbeing project resources uniquely useful and beautiful. This year over three dozen rural library practitioners tested and corrected resources from the Toolkit. 

     Our call for data cleaning volunteers was answered by the unstoppable Heidi Gramlich Bryson who has already de-identified over a dozen transcripts for future research use. Others have answered that call and I'm excited to introduce them in the future. (That call is still open, if you're interested email Margo: research at rurallibraries.org). 

     We were also given the gift of a beautiful new logo by the textile and graphic designer Abby Coon:

Abby understood that our findings were about the interconnected-ness of rural living and the public library's place in that weaving. She called on her memory of hiking in many of the states we visited as part of our study. Who better to image social fabric than a textile designer?!

    Finally, personally I'd like to thank our collaborative teams. If you've never visited https://rurallibraries.org/about/, I'd recommend taking some time learning about the people who are making this project ever better, more complete, and richer for its diversity and complexity. The project could not have happened in absence of any person on that page, which opens a giant well of gratitude and warmth in me. Thanks y'all. 


More from us in 2021.


Yours, in learning and making,




Margo Gustina

Project Lead - Rural Libraries and Social Wellbeing

Special Projects Librarian - Southern Tier Library System


9424 Scott Road | Painted Post | New York

https://rurallibraries.org  | https://www.stls.org 


Pathways to Wellbeing - rural libraries
We’re committed to transparency and open access. Through each phase of this project, the data generated, methods used, and resulting analysis are all stored in the Rural Library Service project in Open Science Framework. There you’ll find our initial quantitative data analysis on library service in resource poor geographies, interview methodologies, the pre-print of our primary paper and more.



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