[Libs-Or] Demographics of Library Elections

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Wed Jan 20 12:10:41 PST 2021

EveryLibrary is excited to release the report - Factors of Success:
Understanding Community Characteristics and Library Activities that
Influence Ballot Measure Outcomes 2014 - 2018.

This study aims to demonstrate what library-level activities and/or
community-level characteristics can be correlated to a library ballot
question's success or failure. Our approach focused on both intrinsic and
extrinsic factors to understand two things:

   - Is there a set of conditions that will largely predetermine the
   results on Election Day?

   - Are there any specific management-choices that can be made in the
   lead-up to a campaign to create those conditions?

We chose to focus on intrinsic library-level activities like programs,
collections, hours, technology, and staffing levels because—to a large
extent—these factors are controlled by the library leadership team. We also
looked at community-level demographics and characteristics like wealth,
education, and tax rates to learn if there were any determinants of the
outcome that were simply beyond the control of library leadership.
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