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Subject: Agenda Released for March 9 Tribal Library Planning Summit
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Register today!
Dear Pierina;

The agenda for the Tribal Library Strategic Planning Summit scheduled
for *Tuesday,
March 9, 2021, 11:00 a.m.- 4 p.m. CST* is now available.  The Summit
features a keynote by Crosby Kemper, Director of the Institute of Museum
and Library Services, a preview of 2021 tribal library survey data,
breakout sessions focusing on capacity building, funding, and programs, and
brainstorming sessions to discuss the future of tribal libraries, trends,
and needs. The discussions will contribute to the development of a
prioritized action plan.

   - SERVE

Further reading:

   - Pathways to Excellence Strategic Plan, 1992
   - Resolutions from 1992 White House Conference on Tribal Library Services
   - “Let Me Tell You About Indian Libraries”: Self-Determination,
   Leadership, and Vision— The Basis of Tribal Library Development in the
   United States
   Dr. Sandy Littletree
   - 2021 Tribal Library Survey Questions

If you are a tribal library staff member or interested in shaping the
future of tribal libraries, please register for the Summit.  You also are
encouraged to join the Planning Council, which later will become an
Implementation Council.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!


P.S.  Agendas for the Archives, Museums, Historic Preservation, Native
Artists, Digital Incllusion, and Native Languages will be released as the
Planning Councils finalize them.
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