[Libs-Or] Call for papers...PNLAQ Let's talk openly about open

Rick Stoddart stoddartrick at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 14:34:33 PDT 2021

Greetings Pacific Northwest Librarians,
PNLA Quarterly wants to hear from you.
What initiatives are library professionals taking in the world of publishing?
How do you use, store, and search data?
How do you support Open Education Resources?
Is your library embracing Open Access?
How are you connecting people with Open Research Data?
How do the restraints of traditional publishing impact your patrons, and what solutions can you envision?
Conversely, what unique research problems do we face when information is lost, hidden, closed, or destroyed?And, what does Open look like at non-academic libraries?

Let’s talk openly about Open!
Contact the editors with any submissions questions: pqeditors at gmail.comPhoto by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

Rick StoddartPNLA Past-President  https://pnla.org/ 

Chair - OLA Library Assessment Round Table (LART)Oregon Library Associationhttps://www.olaweb.org/ 

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