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Welcome to the latest issue of Tech-Talk!

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Bet you don't know the "double-click" trick


This Week's Topic: WORD & Google Docs

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... The Game-Changing Format Painter
2. COMMUNICATING ... What you tell yourself becomes an agreement
3. LEADERSHIP ... Using your words to strengthen a team

·     Mar 17: Five (5) New and Cool Tricks in PowerPoint
·     Mar 31: 12 Powerful Phrases to Use in Critically Important Situations
·     Apr 14: PowerPoint (G-Slides): Getting Started with Simple Basics
·     Apr 28: Discover Windows 10's Paint and Paint 3D Graphic Tools

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[Format painter]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019ibq5UAJJNVHFFyChZCgWYm9wffHpPNhzuR9CQhd4s5zAgKokdAKNwhjy1RU1uPsHvRNol6QXdjeIXI1xHBqLJH2jvhhSOKyiD5TtQdxuY2rZwkYbGLwnw343cKzMhSb8gaIi5LCJqIkqCmlGMU-6pETzcBkqFvP5Hu2zjZ6rQ0=&c=7BwvZ4Daiu-BSA50XgrQir6wYFGouA7p3ECuDV1VyEZn0AB_LbRRCw==&ch=aFhGCvoKto7wyrc49fKWoyIjCkuQO80PKNCeO9-HC3H6vT_iwkU5aQ==>

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WORD & Google Docs - The Magic of the Format Painter

In a recent Tech-Talk webinar<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019ibq5UAJJNVHFFyChZCgWYm9wffHpPNhzuR9CQhd4s5zAgKokdAKNxmsxHwrkED97ApkKHdiCAU1qCtzRWdyKGMTLAYeMKd4cR4o89IPFzpeS_RnTcFc95HiuxWmO_mfZ2Q4iAFsrwcRpGoFkXTPUdbb-0SLNjMlwLerJD-TxayxJbRDD9L9juJ3_hXBwRBRBKSbNd-FJ9tjgQ3r7C7izehUcgT114k-R2CP2771IPS5rZu2rq96sd_PVf7ahuYQ5o5J98QwfB4=&c=7BwvZ4Daiu-BSA50XgrQir6wYFGouA7p3ECuDV1VyEZn0AB_LbRRCw==&ch=aFhGCvoKto7wyrc49fKWoyIjCkuQO80PKNCeO9-HC3H6vT_iwkU5aQ==> we were demonstrating something and used the Format Painter feature to quickly copy the font formatting (size and color) to other places in the document. That sparked questions from the attendees… "What is THAT?" and "What did you just DO?"

[format painter]

We were surprised that even though Format Painter has been part of Microsoft programs for years, many people have not heard about it. A comment from a webinar attendee after seeing the Format Painter in action was, "It's a game-changer!"

So even though we wrote about it years ago, this time-saving tool deserves an encore.

TIP: Even if you are familiar with Format Painter, we bet you don't know the "double-click" trick. Read on to learn how this can save you bundles of time.

So What is Format Painter?

[format paitner]

Have you have ever spent time formatting a document and then wanted to change a lot about how it looks?

You may have set up your report with Headings (as in the example at the top on the right) with the font in Times New Roman, red, and size 14pt.

But then you decide you want to change the Headings throughout the document to Blue, Century Gothic in 16pt.

Or, you may have created a bulleted list with a special colored icon but can't seem to make it look the same in other repeated sections lower in the document.

Instead of going back to each heading or bulleted list and manually making multiple formatting changes, you can use the Format Painter to rapidly change the look!

[format painter]

The Format Painter copies all the format of your text (like the type of font, italics, and underlining) and "paints" it to other text you select.

Not only is this helpful tool available to use in Word documents, but you can find it in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.


Yes! If you're a Google user, there's a Paint Format option in Docs, Sheets and Slides. (See the section below)

Using the Format Painter in Word Documents (Excel and PowerPoint too!)

Here's what you do:

To make ONE change at a time in your document:

1.  Highlight the style (or look) you want to copy.
2.  Click the Format Painter icon (a picture of a paintbrush) in your toolbar. This turns the Format Painter ON to change one item.
3.  Next, find the text to which you want to apply the format. Click anywhere on the word (or line of text/paragraph) and it will change the formatting -- automatically.

[how to use format painter]

To make MORE THAN ONE change at a time in your document:

1.  Highlight the style (or look) you want to copy.
2.  Double-click the Format Painter icon in your toolbar. This turns the Format Painter ON for the entire paint job.
3.  Next, find the word (or words/sentence/object) to which you want to apply the format. Click anywhere on the text and it will change the formatting -- again, automatically.
4.  Continue clicking on items until all of the text you want to format has been "painted."
5.  When you're finished with all the changes, click on Format Painter once again to turn it OFF.

NOTE: The difference is if you single-click on the Format Painter icon, you will only be able to "paint" a single item and by double-clicking the icon, you apply that format to multiple items or sections of text throughout your document.

Google Has Format Painter Also!

If you regularly work in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, the format painter feature is available as well. It's called Paint Format in Google.

To use this tool in the G-Suite (Docs, Sheets or Slides)...

1.  Highlight the text that is already formatted the way you would like.
2.  In the toolbar, find the icon that looks like a paint roller to turn ON the feature.
3.  Highlight the text that you want to apply the format to.

NOTE: You can double-click to turn on the Paint Format to apply the formatting to multiple places in your document. Click it again to turn it OFF.

[Paint format in Google]


Communicating: With Self
What you tell yourself becomes an agreement.

Yes, I know the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz has been around a long time ... but it's my first read. The thought below instantly caught my attention. It's about the power of words.

Here's an excerpt that I think might trigger some inner reflection ... and even change some lives.
You may do something and think to yourself, "I wish I were smart, but I must be stupid or I wouldn't have done that." ........... Then one day someone hooks your attention and using the word, lets you know that you are not stupid. You believe what the person says and make a new agreement [with yourself]. As a result, you no longer feel or act stupid. A whole spell is broken, just by the power of the word."


How to use words to strengthen a team

Because we spend most of our day talking to others ... expressing our thoughts in words ... think how much power you have. (A follow-up thought to the article above in the communications section.)

You can build people up or tear them down, simply by what you say (or don't say). Think of the voicing of your ideas as a powerful weapon. Even if you don't think they're listening to you or believing what you have to say, just by expressing yourself through words has the power to change how people feel about themselves. And that, in turn, affects how they perform on the job.

As a leader, or as an individual, try to use this verbal weapon for good.

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0019ibq5UAJJNVHFFyChZCgWYm9wffHpPNhzuR9CQhd4s5zAgKokdAKN1FMXk6zzK6cwmhBXA-KlYi-Ib6oxpoC9u3UCZFR5dNS0vzqQkvnscGOCwo143bQ8njBNi_1dUm3TUVgxuB3IRGXW3wxjKMCIjBVmG_r_KBZ4qCIBWJjqY0=&c=7BwvZ4Daiu-BSA50XgrQir6wYFGouA7p3ECuDV1VyEZn0AB_LbRRCw==&ch=aFhGCvoKto7wyrc49fKWoyIjCkuQO80PKNCeO9-HC3H6vT_iwkU5aQ==>

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