[Libs-Or] Chromebooks in libraries- how to select the Chromebook that's right for your patrons.

Marly Osma de Forest MarlyO at wccls.org
Thu Mar 18 16:07:37 PDT 2021

West Slope Library is seeking to expand its use of Chromebooks for patrons. We have had a couple for in-library use for a the last few years but they are fast reaching the age of obsolescence and so we need to start from scratch.

In cursory searches I read a lot about the Google Pixel and then found it has been discontinued.

I have found this document<https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15MBdfJTqKZaqymPKYV8JMBxneqshFT7OGpolxFbHiL8/edit#slide=id.gb78f293965_1_0> from Google on selecting devices for Education but nothing for Libraries. The document (last updated in 2020) separates devices by brand and under each they have columns for Basic Classroom Use, Learning Anywhere and Advanced Use. My instinct is to select from the Learning Anywhere column but there still are MANY options to sort through.

I really appreciate any feedback about your Chromebook devices, pricing, how they’ve handled wear and tear and if you would recommend them or not.

Thank you,

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