[Libs-Or] New additions to state's Gale eBooks collection

WEIBLE Arlene * SLO Arlene.WEIBLE at slo.oregon.gov
Wed May 12 14:37:51 PDT 2021

[Gale Virtual Reference Library Icon]The State Library is pleased to announce that it has recently added an additional 41 titles to the Statewide Database Licensing Program's Gale eBooks collection<https://galesupport.com/oregongeo/oregongeoLink.php?loc=oregon_sl&db=GVRL>.

Some of the new titles had been previously available to only to Oregon K-12 libraries, but access has now been expanded to all participating libraries. We were also able to reinstate some titles that had been removed with the implementation of the 2018 contract. Finally, we are able to provide access to 13 titles that are completely new to the state collection. These titles were selected with feedback from the Statewide Database Licensing Advisory Committee<https://www.oregon.gov/library/libraries/Pages/SDLAC.aspx>.

A complete list of titles<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMbd1HCx1aLMZlV4mh2VWOcTC5BbRgGvgKmH9CTeY90/edit#gid=826316297> with detailed information is available.  (look for the New in 2021 tab)

All participating libraries should see these titles available when you log in to your Gale eBooks collection. Please contact me<mailto:arlene.weible at slo.oregon.gov> if you find that they are not listed.

For those that load MARC records for Gale eBook titles in your local catalog, you can download new records for these titles from the Gale Support Site<https://support.gale.com/marc/>. More information about accessing and using MARC records can also be found at the Oregon Statewide Databases Support Site<https://www.galesupport.com/oregon/marc.php>.

Please contact me with any questions!


Arlene Weible, MLS (she/her/hers)
Electronic Services Consultant
Oregon Federal Regional Depository Coordinator
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