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Heather Pitts heather.pitts at state.or.us
Wed Aug 15 14:21:41 PDT 2018


I wanted to ask about file hierarchies and file naming conventions for master files, if any of you would be willing to share what you are doing. Part of the reason I am asking is that we are bumping up against the file path length limitations on the server and so wondering if we need to reconsider what we are doing.

We are using call numbers as the basis for our file names and our file structure, but mostly Government Document call numbers (OrDoc and SuDoc). The folder names have both the portion of the call number for the level it is at and a text description (or portion of the title).

Here is an example of the path for a single-page monograph:

Z:\Digitization Master Files\OR Oregon Documents\Li Oregon State Library\Li-2 general monographs\Li-2L61-4 Oregon's library development\Li-2L61-4.tif

Here is an example for the path for the first page of a monograph in a series:

Z:\Digitization Master Files\OR Oregon Documents\Li Oregon State Library\Li-4 series\Li-4F46 Fiftieth anniversary publications\Li-4F46-4 Some rarities in the Oregon State Library\Li-4F46-4_001.tif

Here is an example of a path over the file path character limit:
Z:\Digitization Master Files\OR Oregon Documents\HEO Oregon State University\HEO-Ag8-2 Agricultural Experimentation Station\HEO-Ag8-2-4 series\HEO-Ag8-2-4T22 Technical paper\HEO-Ag8-2-4T22-4960 Genetic and environmental effects on internal parasit\HEO-Ag8-2-4T22-4960_Page_1.tif
(and yes, I noticed this particular example has _Page_1 at the end of the file name instead of _001)

My questions are:

*         Do you have nested folders in your master file hierarchy? If so, how deep do the folders go?

*         Have you named your folders with both coded information and a human-readable description?

*         How are you creating unique file names for the master files of your digital objects?

IT staff are also already looking into ways to expand the character limit of the file path, but it seemed like a good idea to see what other organizations are doing.

We have also read over the FADGI Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials - http://www.digitizationguidelines.gov/guidelines/FADGI%20Federal%20%20Agencies%20Digital%20Guidelines%20Initiative-2016%20Final_rev1.pdf - file names starting on p.83, directory structure starting on p.85.

Thanks for any input you can share.

Heather Pitts
Cataloging Services and Digital Collections Librarian
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