[OLA-IF-News] libraries pulling anti-vaccination content

Tony Greiner anthony.greiner at pcc.edu
Tue Apr 2 19:27:49 PDT 2019

That's an interesting one.  The 'considered dangerous' statement can be
read as 'dangerous' in the sense that the idea is disruptive , but there is
also the plain "this idea is dangerous, people will be hurt by it" type of

I suppose someone could write a book explaining the beliefs of
anti-vaxxers, and that should be in the collection.  But just as a library
wouldn't have a book saying "Making yourself throw up is a good way to lose
weight" for the teen collection, neither should it provide material that
vaccinations cause autism, which goes beyond being controversial, and goes
to blatantly false.

Or should libraries that lend tools also lend handguns? Aren't they a tool?

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On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 4:12 PM Roberta Richards <rrichard at pcc.edu> wrote:

> Intellectual freedom - so much easier to defend in theory than in the
> murky real world.
> https://undark.org/article/libraries-vaccine-misinformation-vaxxed/
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