[OLA-IF-News] ALA rescinds "The Square" free speech zone at Midwinter

Steve Silver ssilver at nwcu.edu
Fri Jan 17 11:44:15 PST 2020

Messages<https://2020.alamidwinter.org/general-information/message-ala?fbclid=IwAR32xg3JkajlEEPlJqNOMqDwbCULdyqbQJ60ppXIpKvK5VKwxCWSi-Yb6D8> from the ALA Executive board and from Mary Ghikas, Executive Director, released on Monday. The original page designating a space known as "The Square" for the "expression of social beliefs" has been taken down. "The Square" had been proposed in response to protests<https://www.libraryjournal.com/?detailStory=statement-against-cia-at-ala> at last year's ALA conference.

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