[OLA-IF-News] First Amendment Auditors have come to Oregon

Perry Stokes director at bakerlib.org
Wed Jan 29 11:22:14 PST 2020

I've watched several of those "1A Auditor" videos. Many "auditors" do seem
to delight in trolling public officials into a confrontation. The guidance
from Caldwell-Stone is excellent. Allowing them to film without incident (if
in accordance with policy) as much as possible is key. 


We'll be reviewing our film/photo policy and covering the topic at our next
staff training event. I'm considering having a public announcement prepared
to play over our PA system that would alert library users when "1A auditors"
are present. Something like:

"Good day library guests, Please be aware that amateur photography and
videorecording of public spaces in the library is permissable. However,
because protecting the privacy of your library visit and activity is
important,  we ask that consent be obtained prior to anyone capturing an
image or video of another person in the library. Also, and most importantly,
in the State of Oregon it is illegal to record a personal conversation
without notification of the person being recorded (ORS 165.540). Thank you
for cooperating with these rules. Please see library staff if you witness
any camera use or other behavior that causes you concern."


And since an audio announcement doesn't help our guests with hearing
impairments, we should print that out and have it posted someplace.


One note about ORS 165.540 - it only mandates notification of recording
audio. It doesn't prohibit a person from continuing to record if someone
objects. We'll allow front desk staff who may be uncomfortable being
recorded to turn the desk duty over to a Person In Charge in such
situations. Our branch staff, who work solo ,are stuck though. 


Perry Stokes | Library Director 

Baker County Library District



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Be aware that self-styled "First Amendment Auditors" now seem to be
targeting Oregon public libraries. This article
<https://www.oif.ala.org/oif/?p=18859>  by Deborah Caldwell-Stone, OIF
Director, gives some background on these "audits" and some clarification on
what the law actually says about filming in public libraries. Be informed
before they come and visit. And as always, report challenges or intellectual
freedom issues to the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse

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