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Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney kbrodbeck-kenney at lincolncity.org
Thu Mar 26 16:10:56 PDT 2020

How is everyone holding up? I imagine most of us aren't spending a LOT of time thinking about intellectual freedom in the traditional sense right now, but I have been using some of my work-from-home time to catch up on some professional reading.

Last night I read a fascinating book specifically about freedom of speech on college and university campuses. The book is What Snowflakes Get Right: Free Speech, Truth, and Equality on Campus by Ulrich Baer. I definitely found points to quibble with the author on, but since it's the first book-length treatment on the intersection of freedom of speech and issues of diversity, equity, and equality I've come across, I really appreciated Baer's efforts to take the conversation there. His writing style is enjoyable and sometimes even funny, and he does a great job of putting current free speech debates into context. I think there's a lot here that will inform further conversations about public libraries and other limited public forums.

Anyone else read it? I'd be curious what you thought!


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