[OYAN] a word about OYAN donation request letters

Kris Lutsock kris.lutsock at ci.mcminnville.or.us
Thu Feb 3 20:38:30 PST 2011

Hello OYANs-


As most of you are aware, the OYAN raffle is one of our major sources of
funding.  Local businesses and organization donate the prizes.  In the
past we have sold and drawn raffle tickets at the OLA annual conference.
Last year we allowed for people purchasing raffle tickets online.  


Many local businesses have indicated they only offer donations to local
libraries (K'lyn could not convince them that a state-wide organization
covers their local area).   It was decided last year that the best way
to solicit donations was to have an OYAN member who works at a library
in close proximity to the desired business/organization contact said
business/organization.   Thus, last year, donation request letters were
sent by many of your fellow OYAN members (perhaps you were one of them;
thank you if this was the case).  We are going to do the same thing
again this year.


We'll will provide a basic template for the donation request letter.  If
you choose to help out (or I strong arm you into it) a brief, pleasant
personal introduction could/should be included.  I should have the
template available soon.


If you participated in this endeavor last year and would like to assist
again with a particular organization (or several such organizations) let
me know.  If you can think of a local organization that you think we
provide a nice prize for some lucky raffle-participant (and you or
someone you know would be willing to contact them), let me know and
we'll add them to our master spreadsheet.  I have included a spreadsheet
of businesses that were approached last year and some of the prizes that
they donated.  With this you'll have an idea of for what (or about how
much) you should ask.


If you are reading this on the list serve digest and did not get the
spreadsheet attachment, please e-mail me personally and I will send the
attachment to you individually.  kris.lutsock at mcminnville.or.us
<mailto:kris.lutsock at mcminnville.or.us> 


Kris Lutsock

Reference/Teen Services

OYAN Vice-Chair/Chair Elect

McMinnville Public Library

kris.lutsock at mcminnville.or.us <mailto:kris.lutsock at mcminnville.or.us> 



Give thy mind to books and libraries, and the literature and lore of the
ages will give thee the wisdom of sage and seer.
- Newell D. Hillis




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