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I thought teen librarians would be interested in this list of top titles
among Oregon high school students.

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 A while back I posted a message asking people to send me their top ten HS
checkouts.  I'm pasting the responses below, as I'm not sure attachments
always come through.  Thanks to everyone who replied.  It was helpful!


American Shaolin
After (author Prose)
1000 Playthinks

Bluford High series, Carrie Ryan titles, L Divine High School books, graphic
novels, amd some fantasy, like Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan.

Hunger Games series (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay) by Collins
Hopkin's books:~ Crank & Glass
Going Bovine by Bray
Graphic Novel series Fullmetal Alchemist
Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games trilogy
Jay Asher- Thirteen Reasons Why
Sherman Alexie- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian-- and his
other books as well remain popular
Laurie Halse Alexander- Speak & Twisted and her other books
Jodi Picoult books are popular with gals (not my cup of tea- personally)
Chuck Palahniuk books are very popular
Rick Riordan books are also popular with ninth graders and some 10th graders
I also like to keep lots of Walter Dean Myers books around because they are
popular and also good for guys who say they don't like to read

Sweet, hereafter
Woods Runner
The Watcher
Wait for Me
Hunger Games Trilogy (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay)
Tears of a Tiger
Side Effects
The She
Out of My Mind
One Lonely Degree
November Blues
Notes from the Midnight Driver
New Boy

*Thirteen R3asons Why*
absolutely anything by Sarah Dessen
absolutely anything by John Green
*Evil Genius *(the trilogy)
*Reformed Vampire Support Group*
*Wicked Lovely *(the series)
*Uglies *(the series)
Several "middle school" series are very popular here - especially the *Alex
Rider* series and Patterson's *Maximum Ride *books.~ Gary Paulson
(particularly the~*Brian *books)~remains very popular with reluctant reader
boys.~ Shan's two series - *Cirque du Freak *and *Demonata* - are also very
popular with the reluctant readers, both boys and girls.
*1. Buso Renkin. Vol. 2, Fade to black 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN WAT Watsuki, Nobuhiro.
Published 2006
Interest Level: Young Adult
*2. Buso Renkin. Vol. 3, If you doubt that you are a hypocrite 0 of 1
[ Book ] GN WAT Watsuki, Nobuhiro.
Published 2006
Interest Level: Young Adult
*3. Bleach. 5, Right arm of the giant 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN KUB Kubo, Tite.
Published 2005
Interest Level: Young Adult
*4. Buso Renkin. Vol. 1, New life 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN WAT Watsuki, Nobuhiro.
Published 2006
Interest Level: Young Adult
*5. Buso Renkin. Vol. 4, Carnival 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN WAT Watsuki, Nobuhiro.
Published 2007
Interest Level: Young Adult
*6. Rosario+vampire. 1, Vampires 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN IKE Ikeda, Akihisa, 1977-
Published 2008
Interest Level: Young Adult
*7. Rosario+vampire. 2, Witches 0 of 1 available*
[ Book ] GN IKE Ikeda, Akihisa, 1977-
Published 2008
Interest Level: Adult
*8. The 7 habits of highly effective teens : the ultimate teenage success*
*0 of 3 available*
[ Book ] 158 COV Covey, Sean.
Published 1998
Interest Level: Young Adult
Lexile: 870
*9. Angel diary. Vol. 1 2 of 2 available*
[ Book ] GN LEE Lee, Yun Hee.

*1. *[ Book ] The kite runner Hosseini, Khaled. FIC HOS 231
*2. *[ Book ] Breaking dawn Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- FIC MEY 37
*3. *[ Book ] Elements Knapp, Brian J. 546 KNA 34
*4. *[ Book ]
The lost boy : a foster child's search
for the love of a family
Pelzer, David J. 362.7 PEL 30
*5. *[ Book ]
A child called "It" : one child's
courage to survive
Pelzer, David J. 362.7 PEL 28
*6. *[ Book ] Wicked lovely Marr, Melissa. FIC MAR 27
*7. *[ Book ] The environment encyclopedia
edited by Ruth A. Eblen
and William R. Eblen.
REF 363.7
*8. *[ Book ] The Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne. FIC COL 26
*9. *[ Book ] Twilight Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- FIC MEY 26
*10. *[ Book ] Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone Rowling, J. K. FIC ROW
*11. *[ Book ] Monster
Myers, Walter Dean,

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, by Heather Brewer
Drama High, by L. Divine (African-American girls, though, probably not for
your kids)
The Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan
Percy Jackson and the Olympians, [also The Lost Hero] by Rick Riordan
Vampire Kisses, by Ellen Schreiber
The A-List (A-List Series) by Zoey Dean
After by Amy Efaw
Chandraís Secrets by Allan Stratton
Dunk by David Lubar
Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers
Intensity by Dean Koontz
Resurrection Blues by Mike Tanner
What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell

13 Reasons Why
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Knife of Never Letting Go
Brain Jack
Glass Castle
Payback Time
Why I fight
I am Number Four
Maze Runner

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, by Heidi W. Durrow (duh)
[we're also reading The Other Wes Moore - biography - as part of MCL
Everybody Reads]
Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson (you probably have that already)

he House of Night series by P.C. Cast

All Laurie Halse Anderson books ñ especially Speak, Twisted and Prom

Ellen Hopkinsí books ñ Glass, Crank, Fallen

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Ness- there are three books in this series,
the others are starting to take off)
Hunger Games series (Collins - three books altogether)
13 Reasons Why (Asher) - probably the ìhottestî right now
Perks of Being a Wallflower (Chbosky)
Juice (Walters)
Ellen Hopkins books (Burned, Glass, Crank, etc.)
Alex Rider series - (Anthony Horowitz)
Eragon (Paolini)
Breathing Underwater (Flinn)
Chuck Palahniuk books (such as Fight Club, Choke, etc)

Eragon and Perks of Being a Wall Flower have been hot items FOREVER!
Breathing Underwater also has maintained its popularity.

1)~ Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
2)~ The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis
3)~ Crank by Ellen Hopkins
4)~ A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
5)~ Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel
6)~ Halo: The Flood by William Dietz
7)~ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J K Rowling
8)~ Holes by Louis Sachar
9)~ Jacinto's Remnant by Karen Traviss
10)~ The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson

.) Awakened by P.C. Cast (whole series)
2.) Always Running: Gang Days in LA
3.) Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian-- Sherman Alexie
4.) Matched by Ally Condie
5.) Hush Hush (whole series) Becca Fitzpatrick
6.) Wolves of Mercy Falls Series (shiver, linger)
7.) Gossip Girl, Clique Series, House of Night Series
8.) Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia
9.) Weird obsession with child abuse-- books like the Dave Pelzer Child
Called It series, annie's baby by anonymous, Go Ask Alice, etc.
10.) Behemoth-- Scott Westerfeld (steam punk for boys)

All Ellen Hopkins books
All Rick Riordan books
James Patterson's Maximum Ride and now Daniel X books
Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth and the Dead Tossed Waves (a 3rd book will
be out in the late spring I think)
Maggie Stiefvater's books - Shiver, Linger, Forever (not out yet)~Ballad,
Robin Hobb - Farseer Trilogy, Tawny Man and Soldier's Son trilogies

Fantasy is big for both boys and girls, but the main difference is that the
boys like the long "high" fantasy books like those of Robert Jordan, Robin
Hobb, R.A. Salvatore.~ I have nearly every book in those author's series and
they are always moving. The girls like the lighter fantasy - the vampires,
faeries, werewolves, zombies, (you know, the usual romantic heroes, HAHA)~so
I have quite a few of those~series (Vampire Academy, Morganville Vampires,
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod - actually more of a middle school book, but high
schoolers, both boys and girls like it -
Blue Bloods series, by De La Cruz, Night World

1.~~~~~~ ~Anything by Sarah Dessen

2.~~~~~~ Anything by Jodi Picoult

3.~~~~~~ Clive Cussler ñ particularly Sahara

4.~~~~~~ Nancy Werlin

5.~~~~~~ Gary Paulsen ñ running the Iditarod, extreme sports, winter
survival is the theme in one of our display cases and it showsÖOutside
Magazine is a popular read right now as is Outdoor Life and Popular Science,
all of which carry the theme of ìwinter survivalî in the month of January.

6.~~~~~~ Woodson ñ After Tupac and D Foster (anything by Jacqueline Woodson
is very popular.)

   - Sharon Draper

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snow falling on cedars
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am the messenger
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~color purple
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Schindlers list
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Beloved a novel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lovely bones
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Treasure Island
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lovely bones a novel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~color purple

you may want to check out the OYAN (OLA's teen division) to learn which
books published between November 2009 and December 2010 they are discussing
for their 2011 Book Rave list.~ These recently published teen titles were
all nominated by teen librarians or teens at public libraries to be on the
2011 list.~ Here is the URL:
This will give you a good idea what titles are popular among teens at public
libraries in Oregon.

The 2011 Book Rave list will be finalized and published by April 2011, and
OYAN members will be doing 2 minute reviews on all the titles that make the
list during a session at the OLA conference. They have presented this
session at OASL conferences occasionally in the past. You can look at past
Book Raves at:
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ As Easy as Falling Off the Face of
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ Black
Book Rave contender ñ
*The Things a Brother Knows*
Book Rave contender ñ Yummy: The Last Days of a
Book Rave contender ñ Before
Book Rave contender ñ A Conspiracy
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ I am Not a
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ The Last Summer of the
Book Rave contender ñ Amelia Earhart: This
Book Rave contender ñ The Duff: Designated Ugly
Book Rave contender ñ Shades of Milk
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ Finnikin of
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ They Called Themselves
Book Rave contender ñ Zombies
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ God is in
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ Will Grayson,
Book Rave contender ñ Sorta Like
Book Rave contender ñ
Book Rave contender ñ Nothing by

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