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Hello again.  This is just a modest update with a few additions this time.  The nomination period has come and gone, so from here on out it will be me pleading with you to vote when the appropriate time arises.  Remember that your nominations will not be counted as votes.  Like last year, voting will be done electronically from the comfort of your mouse.
Attached is the Book Rave nominations spreadsheet.  READ (some of) THESE BOOKS!  New recommendations are in red.  Also included are the month and year of publication, author's name, and the book's genre.  This year I've also included a "tags" field on the spreadsheet, in case a one word genre description just doesn't do it justice.  I deleted the few titles that were in green (denoting them being outside the publication period of consideration), since they had already been up for a few updates.   (YES, eagle eyes out there, this is regurgitated content from Mr. Lutsock circa 2010!)
If you can't open up the attachment (which seems to be commonplace with those of you receiving this in the digest form), e-mail me and I can send you the file directly to your e-mail.  ameuchel at ci.tualatin.or.us<mailto:ameuchel at ci.tualatin.or.us>
I wanted to direct you all to all to the OYAN blog<http://oyanpeeps.wordpress.com/>.  Synapses and covers of many of the nominated titles can be found here, along with other great content!
Here are some official dates to remember:
*               Dec. 15: Preliminary voting opens.
*               Jan. 15: Preliminary voting closes.

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