[OYAN] Teen CSLP Manual for 2014: Calling for Contributions!

Abbie Anderson aanderson at cclsd.org
Sat Sep 8 16:27:38 PDT 2012

We are the Oregon Young Adult Network! We have the power to 
transform...Summer Reading!

Yes, even now as you zoom into Teen Read Week toward Mock Printz and 
beyond to Teen Tech Week, you can project yourself even further into the 
future for the Summer of 2014. That's right, 2014!

Now is the time to prepare your ideas for the Teen CSLP Manual for 2014. 
The deadline: November 1. The theme, Science, is aglow with STEM-y 
goodness. The teen slogan: "Spark a Reaction!" Think of Bill Nye and 
exult: it's Science! Exercise your gleeful laugh.

Attached in RTF format you’ll find science ideas generated at the annual 
CSLP meeting last April for the teen manual. I'm including them at the 
end of this message as well, just to cover our communicative bases. As 
you’ll see, the librarians went even broader in their brainstorming 
session this year. If you’ve done a successful program along any of 
these lines, please share it with all your CSLP-using colleagues. If you 
have other great ideas for "Spark a Reaction", share those, too!

The CSLP chair is especially interested in your ideas for Setting the 
Scene: how to do a display; decorating your teen area; making a teen 
space inviting; and what else to display besides books.

Send your contributions by November 1 to:

Patti Sinclair
306 Virginia Terrace
Madison, WI 53726
trishsinclair at sbcglobal.net <mailto:trishsinclair at sbcglobal.net>

All Oregon public, volunteer, and tribal libraries are members of the 
Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), and receive a free summer 
reading manual. To get the most out of your membership, create an 
account on the CSLP website (http://www.cslpreads.org/) and you will be 
able to access additional summer reading resources. CSLP membership dues 
and manual fees are paid for by the State Library with LSTA funds. 
Summer reading manuals are distributed by OLA's Childrens Services 
Division, and both CSD and OYAN members represent you on CSLP committees 
and at the CSLP annual meeting.

For more information contact one of your CSLP representatives:
Abbie Anderson, OYAN CSLP Liaison: aanderson at cclsd.org
Katie Anderson, CSLP Oregon State Representative: 
katie.anderson at state.or.us 

To the list below I have to add one of my own favorite resources for 
science joy:
You don't have to buy their stuff to do their experiments!


The CSLP meeting brainstorm results include:

Science of psychology
Human chemistry: love stories
Anti Drug use programs; e.g. Science of Frying Your Brain

grassroots movements, flash mob,environmental activism

Environmental, recycling, reusable, going green

Fast Food Nation, Sold, Trashland (video), Sol, Pig Lagoon, Industrial 
Farming: exposé of world conditions, social activism

*Science and Music:*
Science-based music: bit speak, auto tune, dub step
Early electronic music

Science STEM Ideas
Science Experiments. Youth manual will probably do a grossology program, 
but teen manual could, too
Gross-out Science
Watch stuff decompose
Vortex cannon. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Vortex-Cannons/
Fireworks; National Pyrotechnical Group: info on designing fireworks and 
Myth busters, science mysteries, science detective
Forensic Science, CSI programs
“Going Viral” or “It’s epidemic” idea: disease, zombies, smallpox; 
Zombie 5K, Zombie Walk, Zombicize (anti zumba?)

Teach teens how to develop, build and launch a website
Inventions,building things—rockets, Rube Goldberg machines, rockets, 
towers, etc.
Scratch,**a programming language for everyone. Create interactive 
stories, games, music and art - and share them online. 


Science Fiction/ Dystopian worlds
Game/Gaming Night: board games, Blue Moon, Cataan, virus spreading board 
Domino Dash competition (with books, too)
Reaction to disaster: survival programs, first aid contest
Revolution and politics and dystopian future (i.e. Hunger Games)
Programs to provoke reactions: zines, Would You Rather?
Radioactive—nonfiction book about the Curies

*Some Resources*

Outstanding Science Trade Books*: *http://www.nsta.org/publications/ostb/*
* Nebula Awards (including Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science 
Fiction and Fantasy): http://www.sfwa.org/nebula-awards/
PBS Design Squad*: *http://pbskids.org/designsquad*
*Make Magazine: http://makezine.com/Check this out for some gloriously 
outside-the-box ideas.

Bradbury, Ray/. Fahrenheit 451/
Darwin, Charles. /On the Origin of Species/
Durrell, Gerald. /My Family and Other Animals./
Huxley, Aldous. /Brave New World/.
Price., Catherine. /101 Places Not to See before You Die/
Silverstein, Ken. /The Radioactive Boy Scout://The Frightening True 
Story of a Whiz Kid and His Homemade Nuclear Reactor/

Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library

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