[OYAN] CSLP Teen art: ideas for improvement (respond by November 16)

Abbie Anderson aanderson at cclsd.org
Tue Nov 5 18:02:15 PST 2013

Dear OYANers:

CSLP leadership wants to respond in a meaningful way to the problems all 
of us have had with the art that gets produced for Teen Summer Reading 
by the chosen artist. Even when we contract with an artist whose work 
normally excites us, somehow the committee process of feedback to the 
artist has resulted in strange things like Neptune riding orcas, and 
helicopters and swords and ???.

One of the ideas for a solution is to have an Upstart graphic artist do 
the 2016 teen artwork (theme: Fitness). The process would be just like 
the adult art. State reps would still see samples and be able to give 
feedback. Depending on your thoughts, we could do one of two things for 
the Annual Meeting:

a)The Upstart artist could be one choice of the solicited suggestions 
for members to vote on once we have picked the slogan.

b)The Upstart artist could submit several potential directions to take 
the theme and once the slogan is voted on, we could vote on which 
direction seems more in line with the slogan.

c)  Something else?

Please let me know your thoughts by Sat. Nov. 16, including additional 
options. In my roles as your CSLP liaison, I'll get that feedback to the 
CSLP folks who are working to make things better for all of us.


Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library

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