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Hi Stacy! I agree that the term "Chick Lit" is limiting to the varied readers who enjoyed it, or would if they gave it a chance. Are you going to be labeling the books or just putting them into different sections? Maybe you can make a category up if you don't have to choose a specific sticker. How about "Friendship and Courting?"


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Hi All!

I'm working on splitting my smallish (2000 item) YA section into genres, and one of the genres is, in essence "CHICK LIT."    (It's light, it focuses as much or more on friendship than romance, it can sometimes be a little bit steamy, it's often humorous.)

I have mixed feeling about the term--  between "it's derogatory" and "it is what it is"-plus there are boys who like them, and books with male main characters, gay or straight.

Any thoughts on alternative terminology for the signs?  Or a defense of the term "Chick lit"?  What do y'all think?

Thanks much!

Stacy Johns
YA Collection Development
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