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Thanks very much, Teena! We're working to get my Ingram account up-to-date so I, too, can use some of their tools.

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>we order from Ingram specifically-
I use Ingram Advance, GoodReads, School Library Journal, YALSA, kids/young adult/adult suggestions (especially those series continuations!!),...
Teena at Driftwood 
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>>Hello selectors of YA materials -
>>I'm interested in learning about your favorite, most user-friendly,
>and reliable selection and review resources for YA materials.
>Currently, I am selecting for my library's YA fiction, non-fiction, and 
>audiobook (books on CD and Playaways) collections. If you have tools 
>that have worked well for you, please send that info along, whether 
>print, e-resources, list-servs, book lists, etc.
>>Thanks very much in advance!
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