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Hello all!
It was amazing watching the CSLP process happen in Newport, Rhode Island. All opinions are heard from across the country as well as the U.S. territories.
2017 slogan just happens to work for all the age-groups: Build a Better World.  There were lots of discussions about where this theme/slogan could go.  Like Danielle noted is could be "construction/architecture, makerspace, community, global awareness, volunteerism to so much more."  The suggestions for the art included the request that it encompass as many posibilities of this theme/slogan as possible.
2018 theme: MUSIC. It was a close one between music and history (as 2018 is the centennial of WWI).
Three of Oregon's suggested artists made the final list (Tom Lichtenheld, David Macaulay, and Chris Van Dusen). The final list of artists will be contacted to determine who will create the childrens/early literacy art. Both the adult and teen art are done in-house with CSLP suggestions being implemented right away!
Each CSLP survey sent out gives us the information we take to this meeting to represent you.  Let us know what you think so that we can share Oregon's opinions.
CSLP works hard both at this annual meeting as well as throughout the year. Some resources available to you via CSLP include:

CSLP White Paper<http://www.cslpreads.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/CSLP-Summer-Reading-White-Paper-2015.pdf> about the impact of summer reading
PSAs are downloadable in video or audio forms. Follow the instructions here<http://www.cslpreads.org/programs/childrens-program/psa/>.
The Teen Video Challenge winners are up and ready for use.  You may use ANY of them. Oregon's winner from Hood River received a huge round of applause. Check them out: http://www.cslpreads.org/programs/teen-program/teen-video-challenge/

We listened to the candidates for CSLP's new executive chair. As a new position, s/he will be helping to define the executive chair's role: being the face of CSLP, gaining new revenue streams, contract work, etc.

We were encouraged to let folks know that if you are interested in participating in CSLP you don't have to be state rep who attends this big meeting to do so. There are many committee options available who welcome your participation. Manual committees (one for each age group), Budget committee, Membership committees, etc. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll point you in the right direction to get connected.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions.


K'Lyn Hann

OYAN CSLP Rep (2014-2016)

Newberg Public LIbrary


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