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>want to share a list or two?
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>>Thanks for your help!
>>I went with Twisted Tales: Fairy Tales Re-imagined
>>AND Locally Grown Tales (books set in Oregon, yo).
>>Happy New Year!
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>>Duck, Beaver, Read avoids the inevitable conflict between UO and OSU
>that just Books for Ducks would garner.  Politics and religious
>aren't nearly as contentious as the beaver/duck divide.
>>I like both Fractured Fairytales and Twisted Tales.  I did a similar
>booklist for adults with a far less catchy title of Reimagined
>>On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 5:33 PM, Jennifer Maurer
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>>Following on Ian’s idea and a play on Duck, Duck, Goose, maybe

>Duck, Beaver, Read: Books Set in Oregon.
>>For the other
 Just When You Thought You Knew the Story: Fractured
>Fairy Tales
>>Happy New Year.
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>>Subject: Re: [OYAN] Catchy booklist title
>>“Fractured Fairy Tales” (as in Rocky and Bullwinkle – not sure what
>teens would get the reference, but it’s catchy ?) “Twisted Tales?”
>>Our books set in the Northwest is called “Northwest Reads.” Not
>limited to Oregon. “Books for ducks?” ?
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>>Subject: [OYAN] Catchy booklist title
>>Hello everyone,
>>To complete my New Year’s goal, I’m madly finishing my final two
>booklists.  Both need catchy titles.  One is books set in Oregon.  My
>coworker suggested, “OR Read? (books set in Oregon, yo!), but I’m not
>sure about that.  Ideas?
>>Second list is retold fairy tales.  That sounds like the Goodwill of
>booklist titles.  Any ideas?
>>Thanks and Happy New Year!
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