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April Witteveen aprilw at dpls.lib.or.us
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Hi everyone,
I've been doing a bit of freelance writing for Library Journal and SLJ... the assignment I'm working on now is a tricky one so I thought I'd send it out to you all to see if there's an Oregon library doing anything that would fit the scope of this article.  I am looking for programming in libraries that supplements/includes the use of online language learning software/websites such as Rosetta Stone, Mango, Transparent, etc.  From my editor:

"We're particularly interested in examples of [language learning] programming that don't require the library to have staff who are knowledgeable in a given language-conversation groups, programs that tap community members as local experts, anything that a library can implement who may not have expertise in the subject area but wants to bolster individual online learning with group support.

We're also very interested in any measurements of outcomes-whether those with in-person support are more likely to persist longer or attain higher levels of mastery or any other metric that might indicate efficacy and what it is tied to.

What I don't want to get into is full-on in person classes taught in libraries without using online software-that's beyond the mandate of this piece, which is geared to libraries that are trying to increase the use and impact of their subscriptions but don't have the people and knowledge to teach languages on their own."

Let me know if you have a program that fits the bill at your library, or feel free to pass me on to someone else in your system.  This article can include ESL programming as long as it does also make use of the online aspect and isn't a formalized English class.


April Witteveen
Community and Teen Services Librarian
Deschutes Public Library
(541) 617-7079


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