[OYAN] Graphic Rave - Nominate Now!!

Sonja Somerville ssomerville at cityofsalem.net
Fri May 15 09:43:36 PDT 2015

Greetings young adult librarians and graphic novel lovers,

The deadline for submitting titles for this year’s Graphic Rave list is
swiftly approaching and we need some more nominations, particularly in
the manga category!  Take a look at this list, see if your favorite GN
from last year is on it and then nominate any other favorite title. 
Deadline is June 1st, so please send your nominations to
markr at wccls.org.  Take a look at some of our guidelines below if you
need to.  

Needs to have been published between May 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015.

1. A wide variety of genres is desirable.  It may include fantasy,
suspense, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, romance, sports,
adventure, animal stories, growing up, contemporary realism, poetry and
non-fiction.  A title may fulfill more than one criterion. The following
will be mandatory each year: 
	1. At least one non-fiction title
	2. At least three titles published by a non-major publisher.
	3. At least three titles published by publisher located in the
Pacific Northwest.
	4. At least three trade collections of comics originally
released as separate issues.
	5. At least three titles created in the Manga style.
	6. At least three titles should be published by a major
Mark D. Richardson
Young Adult and Reference Librarian
Cedar Mill Library
12505 NW Cornell Rd. Suite #13
Portland, OR 97229
503-644-0043 x131
 markr at wccls.org

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