[OYAN] Nominations open for the 2018 OYAN Book Rave

Sonja Somerville SSomerville at cityofsalem.net
Thu Sep 21 13:24:49 PDT 2017


I am pleased and excited to invite you to nominate a book ... or 2 ... or many for the 2018 OYAN Book Rave.

Book Rave is an annual list produced by the members of the Oregon Young Adult Network and announced at the Oregon Library Association's annual conference in April. Books nominated should be written and marketed for readers of middle and high school age (generally 6th-12th grade) and be published between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017.

To make this process even more awesome, I have developed a Google Form for the purpose of collecting nominations. You can find it here:


So that you are quite prepared, the form asks for title and author, date of publication, genre, tags, and a short synopsis.

It will allow you to nominate one book at a time, but feel free to use it again and again! The more everyone nominates, the fewer times I bug you with reminder. :)

Nominations will be collected until early December 2017. Members will then be invited to vote on the nominated books through mid-January 2018, narrowing the list to approximately 20 OYAN Book Rave selections. The list is further discussed at the winter meeting of the Oregon Young Adult Network.

Please nominate early and often!!

If you have any questions, I am easily reached at ssomerville at cityofsalem.net<mailto:ssomerville at cityofsalem.net>.

Teen Services Librarian
Salem Public Library
585 Liberty St. SE
Salem, OR 97301

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