[OYAN] Getting Relationships Right is coming to SEATTLE!

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I thought some of you might be interested in this regional training opportunity. Note that this training is for “teams of at least two or more people” and “While teams can be comprised of people who play many different roles, at least one member of the team should be a leader who has responsibility for the professional development of staff or other important aspects of organizational improvement.” The focus is on programs, including but not limited to libraries, that serve youth in middle and high school. –Katie

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Relationships improve student outcomes!

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[Getting Relationships Right]<https://cm.search-institute.org/t/d-l-pdiuux-yutjhlkujj-y/>


"This was an excellent training- very informative and very engaging!"
- March GRR Workshop Attendee

Getting Relationships Right is coming to Seattle in August.

Why should you be there?

Our two-day workshop is designed to help teams of at least two or more people from schools, youth programs, and other organizations that serve young people create a relationship-rich environment at their school or program.

That matters because young people who have stronger developmental relationships with their teachers are more motivated in school. In fact, according to a Search Institute study, middle school students who reported high levels of developmental relationships with teachers were 8 times more likely to stick with challenging tasks, enjoyed working hard, and knew it was OK to make mistakes compared to students with low levels of developmental relationships with teachers.

Do you want to start getting relationships right? Learn more and sign up below.

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"Tangible tools and takeaways; learning by doing; presenters were great. I LOVE HAVING MATERIALS and a variety of activities!"
- December GRR Workshop Attendee


About the workshop:

At Getting Relationships Right, you will discover the research behind the developmental relationships framework and receive practical resources to foster an environment of developmental relationships, so all young people at your school or program can be and become their best selves. Resources include:
·         Training handouts
·         PowerPoint presentations with speaker's notes
·         The Leader's Guide to Getting Relationships Right, including comprehensive instructions
·         The Developmental Relationships Youth Activities Book, with thirty structured activities

We hope to see you in Seattle August 12-13!

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P.S. Would you like to see this workshop brought closer to you? We will be scheduling regional workshops in the upcoming months and we would love your input. Contact Mary Shrader<mailto:marys at search-institute.org> to let her know!



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