[OYAN] Book service to incarcerated teens

April Witteveen aprilw at dpls.lib.or.us
Fri Sep 13 14:57:48 PDT 2019

I'm curious if any of you:

1.       Have RFID-based circulation AND

2.        Serve incarcerated teens or other groups of teens in high security facilities.

The reason I am asking:
DPL is transitioning to RFID services, and we are in the process of adding the RFID tags to our materials. After doing my most recent book drop off at our high-security juvenile detention facility, I was informed that due to their zero tolerance policy on allowing metals into the building, they couldn't continue to allow access to library materials by the youth (risk of picking apart RFID tags and weaponizing the metal circuitry against self or others, basically.)

This sinks the current method of library access that's been going on with this facility for probably close to twenty years. I was crushed by this unforeseen unintended consequence.
Management is aware that we need to figure out a new way to serve juvenile justice, and they wanted me to put out feelers about how other libraries, specifically those with RFID who may have run up against the same restriction, offer service to these youth.

My first thought is that we'd want to move to a deposit collection with regular rotation of titles, upkeep for condition/currency, etc. Curious if anyone else has any other experiences or insight. I'm really sad to lose the responsiveness I've been able to provide the youth as far as bringing in special requests, brand new titles, etc..


April Witteveen
Community Librarian
Deschutes Public Library
(541) 617-7079

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