[OYAN] Among Us?

Brianna Sowinski briannas at wccls.org
Fri Oct 16 16:06:43 PDT 2020

I played Among Us with friends in preparation for our Teen Council playing next month. Here are my takeaways,  I hope they help. I played on my PC via Steam ($4.99) but the game is free with ads via Google Play/ Apple store for phone users.

Among Us is an online Co-Op game for 4-10 players. I would recommend hosting a private game and giving registrants the Game Code live through however you meet so you  can limit your teens to your game (language concerns, spammers, players quitting ect.)

You can choose the map, the number of imposters, and max number of players. (I have only played with 1 imposter) As players enter the game, they are placed in a waiting room and can use the laptop computer to change their appearance. The game starts by showing each player if they are an imposter or a crewmate. If you have teens in the same household tell them they can't screen watch.

Despite playing numerous time I have only been a crewmate. Crewmates are given various tasks around the ship to complete which can be found on the map. Their objective is to fill the group task bar or discover the imposter. They can react to imposter’s sabotage and call emergency meetings when they discover dead bodies or if they suspect someone of being the imposter.

The imposter’s goal is to kill off the crew without being discovered. They can travel through air vents, sabotage the ship, close doors and kill crewmembers.
If a player is killed by the Imposter they cannot talk until the game ends via the in game chat. They can still run their assigned tasks as a ghost to help their team.

When a meeting is called players that are not dead can discuss who they think the imposter is and why. Imposters will try to convince their innocence or accuse another crew member. Voting happens, whoever gets most votes will be ejected from the ship and it will be revealed if they were the imposter or not. Players can choose “skip vote” if they don’t have enough information.

Game rounds vary in length, but overall, each game take between 2-15 minutes from my experience.
If I get more than 10 players my plan is to have some off my teen council members host additional games.
Feel free to email me if you have questions.
Thank you,
Brianna Sowinski
North Plains Public Library
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My TAB started talking about it 2 weeks ago so I downloaded the mobile and played through the tutorial and watched a couple YouTube play throughs… but I haven’t tried an actual game yet. Our teen board will likely try it together soon too.

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I've never played, but I am interested in learning about this.

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NPPL’s teen council is also playing in November, haven’t played it before either but am hoping to do a test run beforehand with some friends. I would also like any tips if anyone has them. Thank you!

Brianna Sowinski

North Plains Public Library


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Not with the teens, but I was thinking about doing a take and make craft about it.

I played it a couple times with my kids.  It's werewolf in space suits.


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Subject: [OYAN] Among Us?

Have any of you played Among Us with your teens? If so, what do I need to know? My TLC is going to run a program with it in November!



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