[OYAN] Libros for Oregon: Cohort Applications Accepted thru 5/15

MAURER Jennifer L * SLO Jennifer.MAURER at slo.oregon.gov
Thu Mar 25 12:15:43 PDT 2021

Hi. Please pardon the cross-posting. I am posting this on behalf of Libros for Oregon. Please direct questions to Libros4Oregon at olaweb.org<mailto:Libros4Oregon at olaweb.org>. – Thanks, Jen

[Logo  Description automatically generated]Are you looking to get high quality, authentic Spanish books in your collection?

Applications for this year’s Libros for Oregon cohort are now open! It’s easy to apply<https://www.librosfororegon.org/apply>!

Libros for Oregon (LfO) is a project that sends representatives to the Guadalajara Book Fair<https://www.fil.com.mx/ingles/i_info/i_info_fil.asp> annually on behalf of a cooperative of Oregon public and school libraries, to buy culturally appropriate books for their collections and communities. Participating libraries only need to contribute $200 toward travel costs, in addition to money for materials from their selection budget. Participating libraries will plan three outreach or other activities to connect new books with their communities. Programming ideas are available on our website!

LfO has applied for a LSTA grant prioritizing small and rural libraries serving communities of 15% or more Latinos. If funded, LfO will donate approximately $1,000 in Spanish language materials, with an additional $400 for cataloging and processing to 10 selected libraries!

Know folks living in an Oregon community whose library could benefit from participating in this project? Please share our Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/Libros4Oregon/?__tn__=K-R&eid=ARD-wGquROsDHEWPQBiTQ1lztlNnWTynEKm2BVkDZAjpdIMxcp2iVCuW_CGC13yOpAKAb5qiZSUzGDKJ&fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBakNgi5D_crR0aatuGndJuWI7_vA5wsE827mDIM3eOgwfcHElHY-0ghqqIqLuhnCsvdOFedJxO-q7t0WVqJH_ltk1DxAsZHszV06decNzPbhnt_AGx3_RKwTXX_IAnK-6usVZkp7LcvJp6iJ3rmxZ8fErZv2PHEZ3lFStPLIcuzvp_O2hjPoERSkCg6rfeLc3SSUKB3PEyZphV00sWrnoHODaeUcdTeIrleZrao0gieJgS-aaddWV_NjizysNbkUInUrgrFKLKJuDUT0cd2CuZYwSCoGrUL4-sh-fHY4CisfxefUwJoYSD4BavBOni4NR-MGLjE_BiIi59ytC9NxmH8-WhFS4DqntPxHZb9j1MdDaV6XTi_3Q>, Instagram<https://www.instagram.com/libros4oregon/>, Twitter<https://twitter.com/Libros4Oregon>, or website<http://librosfororegon.org>!

Applications will be accepted through May 15th.

Questions? Contact us at Libros4Oregon at olaweb.org<mailto:Libros4Oregon at olaweb.org>. 😊


Libros for Oregon

Jen Maurer, MLS (she/her)
School Library Consultant, State Library of Oregon
jennifer.maurer at slo.oregon.gov<mailto:jennifer.maurer at slo.oregon.gov> | 503-378-5011 | https://www.oregon.gov/library/libraries
Follow us: Facebook<https://fb.me/StateLibraryOR> | Twitter<https://twitter.com/StateLibraryOR> | Instagram<https://www.instagram.com/statelibraryor/> | Pinterest<https://pinterest.com/statelibraryor/> | YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0-kU8Gu0jS_YcnXg-b_TRA/featured>
Coronavirus info: https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/coronavirus

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