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Diedre has some more insight into this change. --> Jim

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Oh, maybe I should have mentioned SB 1015 earlier but it was kind of an odd situation and this bill was a fix to put into law what had been the practice of basically everyone in Oregon for many years.

I believe that Ballot Measure 56, November 2008, actually made the change in being able to have money measures on all November and May ballots without requiring the double majority:  Measure 56 Amends Constitution: Provides That May and November Property Tax Elections are Decided by Majority of Voters Voting.

I believe that it was after the 2009 regular Legislative Session an attorney (I don't remember where from) found this section of the law that actually made it so that it was not possible to impose tax measures such as those forming a district (and I believe this is any type of district) that passed in May of that year until the following fiscal year because the boundary change could not go into affect for something like 90 days, which would occur after the July 1 following the May election.  This law really had been around for years but it had not been the practice wait an entire year before imposing the tax.

The Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) was on top of this bill right from the first so I knew about it from attending SDAO Legislative Committee meetings.  This was basically a legislative fix that everyone thought would pass without any problem and it did.  So now we are legally able to do what had been done throughout the state anyway for many years.

Don't you love funny legislative fixes?

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 5:17 PM, Jim Scheppke <jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us> wrote:
Dear Directors:
Max Leek learned something from his County Counsel's office this week that I had escaped my attention. In the special session last February, the Legislature changed state law to allow for special library districts to be voted on in May or November every year, instead of every other (even-numbered) year.

Attached is SB 1015 that took effect in May. The change is on page five in about the middle of the page.

This is good news. It gives libraries more flexibility to plan an attempt to create a library district.

I know this applies to special library districts, but it is not clear to me whether it applies to the formation of county library service districts. If any of you can find out about this by consulting your attorney, that would be good to know.

Thanks Max, for pointing this out to me.

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