[PL-Directors] draft public library data for FY2011-2012 now available - please check your data

Ann Reed ann.reed at state.or.us
Fri Dec 21 15:20:44 PST 2012

The DRAFT public library data for fiscal year July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012 is now available through the Oregon State Library, Library Development Services web pages at http://www.oregon.gov/OSL/LD/statsploregon.shtml .

As always, please take a few minutes to check your library's information for accuracy. We have fixed a number of things, but please take a close look at your data for:  other operating expenditures, circulation, programming, e-items, and reference.

Circulation and downloadables

Note that there are new tabs on the bottom for the break-out of circulation, as well as details of downloadable or e-item ownership.   Please check that your library's circulation includes Library2Go usage of your patrons.  If you are with a federation or cooperative that purchased downloadable items from Overdrive in excess of the statewide contract, please check the e-items tab's local/cooperative holdings columns for all your libraries.


Note that Freegal should be counted as a database and downloads are not circulation, and tutor.com is not counted as it's a service.  Freading should be counted as a database.


Do not count meetings of advisory groups under programs.  Also, passive programs where people sign up, turn in a reading log and get a certificate do not fit the definition of programs and should not be counted.


Remember that reference includes teaching computer use one on one, as well as reader's advisory.  If its less than 300 a year, it's probably a substantial underestimate.

If you need to make changes, please let me know between January 3 and January 11 and I can open your survey up for you.

If you would like a customized spreadsheet, or would like to talk about data, contact me at 503-378-5027 or email ann.reed at state.or.us<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/mailman/listinfo/pl-directors><mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/mailman/listinfo/pl-directors>>

Thank you to everyone for contributing your data!

Ann Reed, Federal Programs Coordinator
Oregon State Library
Library Development Services
250 Winter St.
Salem, OR 97301
ann.reed at state.or.us<mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us>
phone 503-378-5027
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