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PLA is offering a four-and-a-half-day boot camp labeled as an "intensive library management training" and designed around PLA's Results series. For more information, see the email below or visit http://www.ala.org/pla/education/bootcamp.


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2012 PLA Boot Camp

August 21-25, 2012
Nashville (Tenn.) Public Library

One of PLA's most popular professional development programs returns this fall to offer intensive and interactive public library management education.

Results Are What Matters:
Management Tools and Techniques to Improve Library Services and Programs<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yNDAyNTcxJnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTE4NzcyMzE/index.html>

August 21-25, 2012
Nashville (Tenn.) Public Library
Instructors: June Garcia<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yNDAyNTcxJnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTE4NzcyMzI/index.html> and Sandra Nelson<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yNDAyNTcxJnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTE4NzcyMzM/index.html>

  *   Four and a half days of management training that you didn't learn in library school
  *   Designed around PLA's Results Series, the definitive resource for everyday library management for more than a decade
  *   Dynamic learning with individual and group activities

Topics that will be explored during the 2012 PLA Boot Camp include:

  *   Strategic Planning

  *   Data-Based Decision-Making

  *   Effective Resource Allocation

  *   Implementation Strategies

  *   Change Management

Because participation is limited to ensure an environment that fosters group interaction and active engagement, interested librarians are required to fill out an online application <http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yNDAyNTcxJnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTE4NzcyMzQ/index.html> to be accepted into Boot Camp. The application deadline is June 29, 2012. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program within two weeks of submitting an application and can then proceed with registration.

"PLA Boot Camp was the most practical, applicable library workshop I have attended in my 20-year library career." Previous Boot Camp Attendee



50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611 * (800) 545-2433 x5PLA * pla at ala.org<mailto:pla at ala.org>

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