[PL-Directors] Census 2020 - How to get involved in your local community

Arlene Weible arlene.weible at state.or.us
Thu Feb 28 10:58:39 PST 2019

Census Day 2020 is just a little more than a year away ... April 1, 2020

The 2020 Census<https://www.census.gov/2020census> will be conducted primarily online and library staff will be on the front lines to assist!

Assisting people with their Census forms is just one way libraries can contribute to this important effort. Accurate Census data is a key component to fair representation and funding and is vital to all types of library users, including students, researchers, businesses and community organizations.

Census Complete Count Committees<http://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial-census/2020-census/complete_count.html> are being formed throughout Oregon. These committees bring together stakeholders from local government, business groups, and community and faith-based organizations to plan outreach and educational activities to help get the word out to undercounted groups and promote Census participation.

Library staff can play a key role in these committees by offering their experience and advice on community outreach and engagement. Involvement with your local Complete Count committee can be a great way to further your library's own outreach goals. Being at the table for these discussions can also help organizers better understand the role the library in supporting Census activities, and can offer a unique opportunity to bring training and other resources to library staff so they answer questions accurately.

To locate your local committee, talk to your city or county planner or other administrative staff. Or, reach out to one of Oregon's Census Partnership Specialists<https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/census2020/community-outreach> and help one get started in your community.

The State Library will be monitoring state and national activities related to Census 2020 and will update the guide, Census 2020 Resources for Oregon Libraries<https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/census2020> as more tools and resources become available.

If you have any suggestions for additions to this guide, or any other questions, please feel free to contact me!


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