[PL-Directors] 2021 Oregon Public Library Statistical Report - October update

FUQUA Ross * SLO Ross.FUQUA at slo.oregon.gov
Fri Oct 1 09:10:48 PDT 2021

Hello Oregon public library directors,

Important -- please note! If your library is a member of the Oregon Digital Library Consortium (ODLC/Library2Go) and you also have an Overdrive Advantage Account:

  *   It came to my attention this week that the general Overdrive Marketplace Insight reports are including circulation on your Advantage titles as well as ODLC-owned titles. This affects Questions #630 and #631 in the Statistical Report.
  *   To correct for this, we need libraries with Advantage accounts to run two reports. I've updated these instructions on our guide<https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/c.php?g=1109992&p=8092105#s-lg-box-wrapper-31163752>. The TL;DR version:

  1.  Run your general Overdrive checkout report as you normally would (using either the general ODLC login or your library's Advantage login). Jot that number down.
  2.  Run your Advantage checkout report following the new directions under Question #631 here. Include that number (along with any other local e-content platform circ you may have) in Question #631.
  3.  Subtract the number of Advantage checkouts from the general Overdrive checkout report and report that number in Question #630.

  *   If you have already submitted your report and need to update these two numbers, please let me know and I can re-open your report form.
  *   If you don't have an Overdrive Advantage account, no worries!
  *   A HUGE thank you to Patrick Bodily, Director of the Independence Public Library, for catching this issue and to Rebecca Gabert at the Salem Public Library (and ODLC Collections Wizard) for helping us understand how to correct for it.

Other updates:

  *   Thanks to the 20 libraries who have submitted your reports already! Deadline to submit is October 31.
  *   I've received a few questions this year about how to report Hoopla and Flipster, now that those platforms have moved to a checkout-period access model, please report that activity as circulation of local electronic material in Question #631. Same goes for Overdrive Magazines (formerly RBDigital) if that applies to anyone's situation. I'm considering breaking out e-magazine circ into their own field next year.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions.

Ross Fuqua, MA, MLIS (he/him)
Data & Digital Projects Consultant
State Library of Oregon
ross.fuqua at slo.oregon.gov<mailto:ross.fuqua at slo.oregon.gov> | 971-375-3551
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