[R2R-OR] Q and A: Do I have to do everything explicitly stated in the outcome I choose?

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Tue Aug 13 11:39:54 PDT 2013

Hi! I just got a great question that I all thought you would like to know the answer to. I've edited the question a little bit to provide clarity so it will apply to everyone.

Q: My library wants to select this outcome: "More youth will create responses to their reading/listening with technology, arts and crafts, and other mediums." Do we have to include technology activities? If so, what do you mean by "technology".

A: Kids don't have to create responses in all of the ways suggested in this outcome and you could have them create responses in ways not mentioned in the outcome. You can have them just doing arts and crafts if you want to. You could have them write book reviews in limerick form and read them aloud to each other-this would also be hilarious!  The purpose of this outcome is to engage kids in any sort of activity that gets them to think about a story in a different way and communicate their thinking creatively. Whatever a kid produces during the activity will show you something about how he/she understood the story and what the story means to him/her. This outcome aims to address several 21st Century Skills which you can learn more about here: http://www.imls.gov/about/21st_century_skills_list.aspx

If you want to do a technology activity with kids, here are a few ideas:

*         Kids write and post their own book reviews to your library's website or facebook page

*         Kids create their own book trailers, film them, and post them on YouTube

*         Kids design book covers using clip-art and other programs/images they find online and print them to display in your library

*         Kids create and record a summer reading podcast every-other week which is posted on your library's webpage or facebook page

*NOTE* You can't change the prescribed outcomes willy-nilly, but if you want to focus on just one or two parts of a multifaceted outcome or if you have an idea to tweak one a little... call or email me. Let's talk!


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