[R2R-OR] 2018 Ready to Read Report Due Online December 1st

Greta Bergquist greta.bergquist at state.or.us
Wed Nov 7 12:13:32 PST 2018

Hello Ready to Read folks,

It's that time of year...the 2018 Ready to Read report information is up on the State Library website!

Two important notes about this year's report:

*         The 2018 report is NOT significantly different than the 2017 report form. The big difference is you'll be submitting it online. This will help us compile data significantly faster and be able to share what you have all done more effectively. For the 2018 report, we are using Survey Monkey as a way for you to complete the 2018 report online. This is by no means a perfect system, but we hope the directions below will help.

*         We anticipate next year having an online system in place that you will be able to log into to submit applications and reports, so you can complete the application/reporting at times that are most convenient for you, and for you to be able to quickly see your record of applications/reports. As soon as this is in place, we will let you know.

For this 2018 report, please do the following:

1)      Make sure you have all the documents you may need to complete the report:

*         Your 2018 Ready to Read application

*         Any data you may have collected to evaluate your project.

2)      Go to the State Library Ready to Read webpage<https://www.oregon.gov/Library/libraries/Pages/Ready-to-Read.aspx> and download any additional documents you may need.

3)      Download and use the 2018 report form to complete your answers and save this document as a record of your report.

4)      Download and use the budget forms to fill out your money amounts. If you'd rather, you can use the budget forms from your 2018 application, but please save them as one page documents to upload online. You'll upload these budgets in the survey monkey link.

5)      Once your report form and budget forms are COMPLETED, then use the "click here" link on the State Library Ready to Read webpage to fill out your report online. Please don't use the online link until you are ready to fill out the entire report online. This will hopefully take approximately 20 minutes for the Early Literacy portion and approximately 20 minutes for the Summer Reading portion.

6)      Once you've submitted the online report form, you are finished! You will see a screen that says thank you, and you are done! Woo-hoo!

I'll be checking throughout November to see who's submitted their report through Survey Monkay and will send an e-mail reminder about it on Monday, November 19th.

On Monday, December 3rd, I will start reading the reports. When finished reading your report, I will send you an e-mail with the PDF of what you've submitted so we confirm I'm seeing what you said about your 2018 projects. I'm hopeful to have finished reading the reports by Tuesday, December 11th, but not sure that is realistic given other work commitments. Please be patient with me as I am only one person. :)

Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me if you have any questions about this process. I will be traveling next week but promise to get back to you as soon as I can. I am happy to help however I can.


Greta B

Greta Bergquist
Youth Services Consultant
503-378-2528 | www.oregon.gov/library<https://www.oregon.gov/library>
Follow us: Facebook<http://fb.me/StateLibraryOR> | Twitter<https://twitter.com/StateLibraryOR> | Tumblr<http://www.statelibraryor.tumblr.com/> | Pinterest<https://pinterest.com/statelibraryor/>

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