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Teena Nelson tnelson at lincolncity.org
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Driftwood Library has been doing Walk-A-Story for quite a few years, we have chosen parts of Lincoln City (ie: Taft area, Oceanlake area, Delake area etc.) to post story pages in businesses windows on Hwy 101. Our city map maker puts together a great map to identify the buildings to visit and read a page and follow the route. They have been really successful- some businesses donate a small prize for stopping by (not all the stores etc. are open all the time but pages are always visible) - the Ford dealer had free popcorn if you went in...

since Covid hit we did a fence run at our Lincoln City Cultural Center lawn- but the wind, the sun, the fog all played havoc on our story this year!!

Ah well, those who participate love it.

Ideas as to how to best post outdoors would be appreciated- we do get a bit of vandalism and don't have an easy walk up near our library building (hence the walks along 101)-


Teena Nelson

Driftwood Public Library

801 SW Hwy 101, #201

Lincoln City, OR 97367

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Hello to You All,

At the Newport Public Library, on the coast, we are celebrating our fifth year presenting "Trail Tales"  in local parks.  Essentially the same idea as the "Storywalk" program, but we don't have to consider any of the copyright or trademark requirements or issues.   We are always happy to share/exchange ideas with other library folks.


Linda Annable

Newport Public Library

Supervising Librarian



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Hello everyone,

Happy Monday! A number of you have experimented with storywalks this summer. I wanted to share a resource page for library storywalks from UNC's Dept. of Library and Information Studies that may be a good starting point if you are pondering this type of community engagement: https://letsmovelibraries.org/storywalk/

In Oregon, libraries who've been doing storywalks this summer that I've heard from (forgive me if I forget anyone) include: Independence, LaGrande, Monmouth, Seaside, & Stayton. These might be good places to connect with if you're curious and thinking about this kind of project.

Have a good week!



Greta Bergquist

Youth Services Consultant

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