[R2R-OR] potential budget changes Ready to Read

Weston Library wcolibrary at cityofwestonoregon.com
Fri Feb 19 09:21:06 PST 2021

Good Morning Greta,

As I plan for Summer Reading, it seems I may have been too optimistic 
about the possibility of in-person performers. I budgeted $800 of our 
Ready to Read funds for performers. Right now it looks like that might 
be too much, in light of our community situation. Umatilla County is 
still in the extreme category for Covid-19.

Here is my question: how much flexibility do you envision will be 
allowed for program changes regarding Ready to Read grant funds? I'm 
trying to figure out how to proceed with planning, and admit I am 
struggling. The past year has been by far the most challenging of my 26 
years as library director here in Weston!

Thanks for your help.


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