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Hi! Many of you have shared RFHF success stories around working with teen parents.  This is wonderful because the evaluation of the Every Child Ready to Read curriculum showed that it is most effective when presented to the youngest parents with the youngest children.  In essence, this should mean that your ECRR sessions have the greatest impact on teen parents and their babies.

This got me wondering a few things...

I would greatly appreciate it if you took a few minutes to provide short answer the following four questions:

  1.  Are you using RFHF materials to teach teen parents about the importance of early literacy/how to do activities with their babies to develop early literacy skills? Yes or No
  2.  Do you feel your current work with teen parents is successful, moderately successful, or not successful?
  3.  Are you working with teen parents for the first time because of your participation in RFHF? Yes or No
  4.  Are you partnering with other agencies or organizations to connect with teen parents, if so who are your partners?

If you have the time and would like to share more about your experience teaching teen parents about early literacy, please feel free to write more.

There is a lot of discussion across organizations and agencies about how to engage teens, especially teen parents.  Learning more about what you are doing may help other family support workers, librarians, and other professionals who work with teen parents and their babies.

Thank you,

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